Corpse Party: Blood Drive


I really love the Corpse Party series from the manga all the way to all of the video games they made. Corpse Party has been getting more and more popular over the years because of the incredible horror/mystery surrounding it. This one was made by Makoto Kedōin and developed by Team GrisGris. For those of you who don’t know what Corpse Party is about; it’s about a group of teenagers who decide to perform the Sachiko Forever Charm which is said to anyone who performs the charm will be together forever. Unfortunately, right after they perform the ritual an earthquake starts shaking the entire school and not long after they find themselves in an entirely different school filled with tortured souls and killer ghosts.


Image result for Corpse Party Blood Drive Emblems
Source:                 Ghost girl who was one of Sachiko’s orginal victims

It’s a pretty cool show and I recommend anyone who likes horror or mystery to watch it. Just don’t get too attached to any of the characters…….they might not live too long.


The latest Corpse Party game is called Corpse Party Blood Drive and I already got freaked out by it by playing the first five minutes of it. You guys may not know it, but I tend to stay away from horror games just because I don’t like jump scares all that much. I will play them from time to time, but only if I think I can handle it. Corpse Party was the exception because I like the series so much. I thought it was going to be like the previous where there’s mostly talking and you have to move here and there to find stuff to move on.

Boy, was I way off with this one. .

The previous games is just like I said before they mostly talk and find stuff while avoiding ghosts, but it wasn’t that scary. They completely changed the game with this one though. In this game, after all the crap happened in the other ones and they finally escaped the school. It turns out that dark powers of the school were becoming so strong that they didn’t even need to drag all the way to the school after you performed the charm to torment or kill you. If you did it in the real world, your horrible death was pretty much guaranteed to happen. Also, Ayumi stupidly goes back to Heavenly Host after a strange boy tells her that the curse has expanded and she is the only one that can stop it. Again I thought it was a stupid move to go back at all. First off, you’re taking the advice of a complete stranger that seems to know all about you.(creeper alert!) Then, she decides it would be perfectly fine to right back after she just back from there by her fucking self!!! Her stupidity meter went up the freaking charts when she decided to do that.

Image result for Corpse Party Blood Drive Emblems
Source:           Ayumi Shinozaki aka Dumbass Girl

During that part before she was about to go, I thought it would give me an option or something but that didn’t happen. So, I had to watch make her do these things while I shook my head at her and called her a selfish dumbass. Also, theirs a lot more of the adventure feature in this game and a lot more running away from ghosts, you just don’t know when their going to show up and start chasing you all over the place!


I’m not going to tell you how this game ends, but a lot of epic and crazy shit happens in this game. So, if you don’t mind a nice little horror game to pass the time then by all means play it and see how you like it.

Side Note: To all of my beloved readers/followers who I appreciate for continuing for reading my blogs, I would like to know if theirs anything you would like for me to talk about or even improve on to make this better for you guys. I can handle all kinds of criticism so give me your best shot!  🙂

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Although I agree that Ayumi really hit rock-bottom by going back (and you know, putting everyone else, particularly Yoshiki, in even more danger), I think she was one of the most self-less characters. She felt responsible for her past selfish acts that resulted in many deaths including her own sister’s and for the Shinozaki’s Estate involvement in the creation of Heavenly Host. Ayumi most likely thought “This started with me one way or another, and it WILL end with me.” In the end, she was able to save everyone at the expense of getting reduced to a vegetative state.

    Though… I don’t think she’ll be happy to know that her sacrifice was mostly in vain because you know… Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.

    I’m still super mad that Yoshiki and Ayumi didn’t have a proper confession scene. I felt as though the creators baited everyone on that one.

    I have really enjoyed your content on CP! Thanks! 🙂

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    1. I get what your saying with her feeling like its all her fault and all. But, I still think she was being selfish as hell because we all know if she would have asked her friends to come with her they probably would have especially Yoshiki.

      I was super mad too when he had that moment to confess and he blew it! I was like NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

      Also, I’m just saying if I really, really had to go back to that place I would have brought the works. My own personal army of priests and priestesses, holy water, talismans, food that would last for weeks, guns, knives…..a bazooka and maybe a bodyguard or two. I would’ve brought EVERYTHING!!!! lol

      Glad you like my content. It always puts a smile on my face knowing people like what I put out. 🙂

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      1. Ooohh okay, I see what you mean.

        LOL you just gave me a hysterical laughing fit with that last part. I mean, you would think that after going to Heavenly Host twice (if not more?), you’d come more prepared. BUT NOOOO. Let’s just go in our school uniforms (as if those are inexpensive) without any precautionary materials.


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