Beginner Guide|10 Tips You Need to Know Before Playing Genshin Impact

Want to know the best way to play Genshin Impact or don’t know where to start to get better? Well, look no further! This guide will set you on the right track on enjoying the game to the fullest.

Watch Your Wallet

Whether you choose to pay to play or not; both players will get almost the same experience. The only difference is that players who invest money into the game get access to better features like strong characters or weapons than a person who chooses not to pay. But, if you don’t care about that and want to enjoy the story at your pace and leisure then that’s okay, too.

There are many different ways to play Genshin Impact. Also, keep in mind that you should try to avoid jumping into the rabbit hole when it comes to the banner lottery. Most banners are special timed events where the player can use their primo gems in order to get certain characters or weapons for their teams. But, unless your farming for gems daily or have a lot of money in your back pocket then you’ll burn through your gems really quickly.

When a player runs out of gems but is aware that the clock is ticking, they start to think hard about whether they should pay for crystals to get more gems or see if they can farm fast enough before the banner ends. Either option will do the trick but you have to ask yourself, can I afford to do this? Can I get enough gems before time runs out? Is this worth it or will the next banner be better than the last one?

All these questions need to be considered but the main factor is how do you want to play the game. In the end, the choice is yours.

Mora Isn’t an Issue

While your in the first area, your probably thinking that you need to do a ton of missions in order to buy anything in the city stores. That’s not really true, you’ll feel this way until you’ve completed Mondstat’s main missions. After that’s over, you’ll see that you’ve gained a ton a mora to last you a while and it only get better from there. By the time you make to the next region’s city, you’ll have enough mora to last for the entire game because of all the side missions and chests you’ve found along the way.

Save Your Gems and Fates

When you start Genshin Impact, your going to be tempted to use your gems at every little opportunity. Do not make this mistake!

Intertwined/Acquaint Fates

Do your research about which character, artifact or weapon that you need so you can strategize which banner will give you what your looking for. Also, its good to save them for limited edition type of banners and you can use your gems to buy a ton of fates. You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just use your gems to buy the wishes directly and its because fates bring a higher chance for successfully obtaining high ranked items or characters than just using your gems.

Explore The Land

It goes without saying from looking at the map of Teyvat that you have a lot of ground to cover. When you finally think that you’ve seen everything another part of the map unlocks and from recent news; Teyvat is only going to get bigger. So, take some time to explore every inch of the land because you don’t know what you’ll find. There are some players out there that don’t care for exploring and want to get to the end of the story and that’s fine, but whether you do it now, in between story missions or when you’ve reached the end of the story; the fact remains that you will have to go back and explore.

Why? For all the chests, dungeons and sigils, of course.

Genshin requires a lot of farming to make your weapons and characters stronger. So, no matter what your doing in the game, you have to do it, even if the game declares that you’ve explored 100% of the map. Also, while you explore you could potentially find another waypoint which will make going to place to place a lot easier in the future.

Archon/Story Quests are a Must

If you can’t decide what to do first with your list of a thousand missions or want to get through the story really quickly then do the Archon or main story missions first. Not only will it help you progress the story faster; it’ll help you meet more characters along the way, but after completing them you get a ton of adventure rank points and must have mora and items. Another thing to keep in mind is that some side missions will prevent you from doing the story missions because their heavily connected to one another or it could be that your adventure rank is too low so the game will think that your too weak to handle the next stage.

Adventure Rank

Since it was mentioned in the last section, its better to dive deeper into the topic. Archon, story, side missions, etc will give you points to get a higher adventure rank. You’ll need that access certain features in the game that will help you in many ways or allow you to progress further in Genshin’s storyline.

Getting a higher adventure rank can earn you some more primogems but once you’ve reached a certain point the world level will go up which means that the monsters will grow stronger and will be harder to defeat.

Adventurer Handbook

Access to the adventurer’s handbook is available to you early on in the game. Inside the book has information about the mini bosses around the world and has missions for you to complete in order to get certain items that aren’t available with the normal missions that your used to doing. Good news is that its very natural to complete the handbook’s missions even when you don’t realize it.

So don’t sweat too hard in trying to complete them all at once.

Weapon and Artifact Combos

The key ingredient that is going to help whichever character go through monsters (and sometimes gods) like butter is finding the right weapon and/or artifacts for them. You can’t just give them anything then level it up the items up thinking that’s all they need. Each weapon and artifact is unique just like the character. The best approach would be to take some time to see your character’s talents and attributes to see what their good at then look into which of your items works best with their abilities.

Each character has a weapon they fit best with and if its not possible to find it through forging or farming then your best bet is to wish for it.

Finding Elemental Harmony

Each region and character has their own element or in this case Vision that they can control. Electro, hydro, pyro, dendro, geo, cryo and anemo are all the elements in Teyvat. You won’t have a lot of options when you first start the game but that won’t last long, you’ll be able to mix and match your team members. Before you do, you need to find out who can control what and who will work will together.

For example, you could make a vaporize team which is a combo of hydro and pryo characters. If the hydro character uses their ability first then the pryo character it causes a special effect called vaporize and causes more damage to your opponent. Please keep in mind that the type of enemy your facing is an added factor too and could prove useless if used wrong.

Team Build

Teams in Genshin are built in two ways; Main DPS, Sub DPS and two supports or Main DPS and three supports. Your main DPS character is the one who will be out on the field the most fighting and can cause the most damage meanwhile your supports only appear to buff up that character’s stats and abilities to get unique effects.

Don’t throw all your eggs in a basket and think that just because their elemental abilities compliment each other that they’ll make a good team. You still need to consider what abilities they have. Are they a better healer than a damage dealer? How many enemies are effected by their elemental burst and for how long? What will happen when their elemental bursts are combined?

You need to consider these types of questions when building your team. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the end.

These are all the need to know beginner tips for preparing for the world of Genshin Impact. In the end, its all about preference and how you want to play the game but these tips will help you struggle less and have fun more.

Thanks for Reading!


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