Tricos Past Theory

Hello again everybody!

I know what your all thinking right now. Oh my god, two posts in two days what in the world is going on, right? For this post I wanted to make it as fast as possible for your enjoyment and not ponder about what I thought when it came to “The Nest” in the Last Guardian.

Please remember that this is my own theory on what I think happened in the past before the fateful meet up, so feel free to agree or disagree if you want. Also, if you have not played the game or watched it yet (shame on you) then some of the things I say in this would be a major spoiler for you. If you don’t really care though or have played it already then enjoy my story to your heart’s content.

Okay, this is what I think happened…….

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A long, long time ago there lived this great city surrounded by tall mountain walls. Within the city, the people were protected by the giant Tricos and the possessed stone statues. I think the Tricos were used for a lot of things when their were people around because for one someone had to have put that armor on them, so the Tricos could have used to protect the city from danger, transportation if someone needed to go in or out of the city or even as pets because who wouldn’t want a lovable giant Trico to cuddle and play with.


Obviously, the people in the city made that huge tower that housed the master of the valley which controlled the Tricos if it needed to. The master needed the souls of the people to survive so it could stay in control of all the Tricos, so the master told each Trico to go into the city and pick someone to find it to. Obviously, people didn’t object because they needed the master to survive so when your chosen your swallowed by a Trico, get regurgitated into a statue which leads to the master and the master takes that person’s soul and then converts its body to some bluish type mush and sends it back to the Trico as a reward for a job well done.

The stone statues act as the master’s limbs in order to do what it needs to get done physically. Eventually, the master of the valley got really greedy and decided why doesn’t everyone become one with me and live forever or something off those lines. So, he ordered all the Tricos to take all the people to his tower so he can swallow them, too. This is why I think lots of players in the game became highly suspicious that all of the stone statues were once people.

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Source: Nicolle Lamerichs

Anyway, I think some people just got real lucky to avoid the day that everything went to hell because I said before that the Tricos might have even been used as transportation, as well. So, the lucky devils who were outside of the city for whatever reason didn’t get kidnapped and absorbed like everyone else and because they knew that the only way to get in or out of the nest is by air, they were pretty much stuck where ever they were at so they settled down and had families and life went on. Meanwhile, after the master was done with all the people in the city it had an inkling that it didn’t get everyone but knew that they weren’t in the city. So, once again it sent the Tricos out to search all over the world for the missing citizens. That’s what I think the boy was in the game; a descendant of one of the original people who used to live in the forgotten city and why when people like him get kidnapped by a Trico they just say that he was a Chosen One.


So, that’s my take on what I think happened. Did I leave anything out? I hope not. If I did please let me know and I will try to explain it as best as I can. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Thanks for Reading!

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