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Good News, Everyone!

Hello! I hope this hot summer day is treating you well.

Remember when I told you all a while ago that I was going to be moving my blog over to another platform. Well, it turns out that I won’t have to do that anymore because I found out recently that I could still do what I want to do with the WordPress one so it looks like I’ll be sticking around here for a little while longer.

I hope this news is good news for most of you. It’s good news to me because now I don’t have to do all that work in moving over to site. Also as a side note, you all know how I just talk about things that I’m into that fits into this blog, right? Well, if you have anything that you would like for me to talk about or see in this blog then don’t be afraid  to me in the comments section down below.

I don’t bite. I swear!

If I don’t hear anything I’m just going to assume that I’m doing an awesome job so far and I should just keep doing what I’m doing and that’s good, too. Other than that I hope you’re looking forward to my next post.

Thanks for Reading!

Moving Again?

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let all you lovely people know that I’m moving the site again. Where to do you ask. Well, the site is moving over to Blue Host, so if you’re wondering why the site isn’t in WordPress anymore than that’s why. Now, just because I’m moving from this platform doesn’t mean that it sucks.

It’s only because I’m trying to go into a different direction and the other platform works better for what I’m going for. So to recap don’t panic if you can’t find this site for a little while it will come back into the internet soon enough.

You guys have been awesome to me and I hope to find you guys give me the same type you’ve been showing me this whole time when I re-appear. Until then, see you later.

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Try New Things

Hello everyone! Today I’m not going to be talking about a video game or an anime this time. I know shocker, right?

I’ll talking a little about myself today. I know you guys don’t know this, but I like trying out new things whether its painting, reading a new book, going somewhere I never went before, etc. I like doing that because who knows maybe I’ll like it and keep doing it and if I don’t like it; now I know and will now avoid it like the plague.

Plus I like doing new things because it makes life interesting and its something to do for me, at least. Sometimes, it takes a push for me to go out and do the things I want to go out and experience things. Sometimes, it takes a person and sometimes it takes my own self-motivation to get myself in gear.

For this it was a bit of a combination of both. After, wanting to do it for so long, but kept procrastinating about it and making excusing why I couldn’t do and pushing it more and more back. It took my friends and my own self to convince myself that I can do it and if I don’t like it, then I tried and can keep living without any regrets.

So, without further ado I started my own streaming channel on Twitch. Yyyyyyeeeaaaahhhhh bring out the pom poms and confetti!!! 

It’s a live streaming channel where you guys will get to see me and hopefully not fail miserably at playing these games. After, my first live stream I was still on the fence about doing it again, but after thinking it over I decided to try again. The second stream went a lot smoother and I wasn’t as nervous as I was before. So, I decided to continue streaming and see where it goes from here on out.

Also, I’m just letting you all know that just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean that I’ll stop blogging. I love blogging and that will never end until I die. People who read my stuff regularly know that by now I sometimes go off the grid here and there, but I always come back.

I want to thank my friends who constantly motivated me into doing this and the Youtubers and Twitch streamers who make awesome stuff everyday that has become an inspiration for me. Even if you don’t care for live streams I’ll put them up on Youtube later for you guys to watch them whenever you want.

The schedule isn’t really set in stone yet for this but for now its Friday 7-9 PM and Sat-Sun is 3-5 PM. I hope you guys enjoy the show!

Thanks for Reading!

My First Book

Book CoverAt last, I am finally able to do one of the major things that I wanted to do in life and that is writing and making a book. It took a lot of work to make this book and I’m totally excited to see my baby out of my computer and into my readers’ hands. You don’t know how happy it makes me feel when someone reads it and they tell me later on how good it was.

I would like to thank my friends and family who supported my me all throughout the making of this book and I hope they continue to support me. The book is called,” A Love Strong Enough to Kill” and is currently on Amazon if your interested in it then click on the link the below to give it a look-see. Also, it will be available on Kindle in a couple of days, so if you’re not into having the physical then just wait for the ebook to come out.

You can actually read an unedited sample of it, as well on Wattpad, if you decide if your into it. Again I thank you all for your support, every single one of you motivate me to keep going and not give up on what I want to do.

Thanks for Reading!

Otakon 2017

KnowYourMeme.comHello everyone!

Once again, I’ve got another convention to tell you about. It’s about the all and famous Otakon that happens every year. This year they decided to hold the event in Washington D.C. instead of doing it in Baltimore like they usually do. Granted, I haven’t been to Otakon in about 3 years, but that’s okay.

I’m guessing a lot more people kept showing up every year so they probably had to choose a bigger location than the last one which  is understandable. Otakon is the second most largest convention in the country, so that’s a good reason to go besides liking to just go to cons all the time. A lot of the little things have changed since the last time I went to this con and one of them being the registration. Yes, you can still pre-register or wait until you get there and pay for your badge there, but this time you don’t get the option of doing a single day pass anymore. Your only option is the 3 day pass which is $100.

DMJPhotography.comSo, I suggest that you get your money’s worth and go all three days or make sure you think its worth $100 for attending a day or two if you can’t do all three. Obviously, I thought it was worth it, but other people might not think so.

Their was plenty to do there. Talking to other fellow fans, taking pictures of cosplayers, enjoying the video game room, buying stuff at the dealers room and a lot more. If you don’t plan on spending a lot then I would avoid the dealers room at all costs. Since, they decided to use a different location than last time, the places layout was a lot more confusing to me even with a map. I couldn’t tell you how many times I asked someone for directions.

Even with my loss for direction during my time there, it was still an awesome event and if I’m available next year I’ll definitely be back again.

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Persona 5

Reality Turned Fantasy

WikipediaThe new game Persona 5 was developed by Atlus and is totally incredible. This game is about a group of outcasts that become famous Phantom Thieves that gain the power to steal and change the hearts of evil people. The game starts out really epic and weird only because the main character is trying to escape a casino while avoiding monsters and you have no freaking clue to what is going on.

Crazy, right?

I wasn’t too surprised since this is the fifth game in the Persona series so I was kind of used to the weirdness already. But, this is the first time that they’ve tried telling the whole story as a flashback. I felt bad for this guy in the beginning when you see how shitty his life becomes just because he wanted to do the right thing and now he’s being punished for it. What made it even worse was…

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Tricos Past Theory

Hello again everybody!

I know what your all thinking right now. Oh my god, two posts in two days what in the world is going on, right? For this post I wanted to make it as fast as possible for your enjoyment and not ponder about what I thought when it came to “The Nest” in the Last Guardian.

Please remember that this is my own theory on what I think happened in the past before the fateful meet up, so feel free to agree or disagree if you want. Also, if you have not played the game or watched it yet (shame on you) then some of the things I say in this would be a major spoiler for you. If you don’t really care though or have played it already then enjoy my story to your heart’s content.

Okay, this is what I think happened…….

Image result for master of the valley last guardian

A long, long time ago there lived this great city surrounded by tall mountain walls. Within the city, the people were protected by the giant Tricos and the possessed stone statues. I think the Tricos were used for a lot of things when their were people around because for one someone had to have put that armor on them, so the Tricos could have used to protect the city from danger, transportation if someone needed to go in or out of the city or even as pets because who wouldn’t want a lovable giant Trico to cuddle and play with.


Obviously, the people in the city made that huge tower that housed the master of the valley which controlled the Tricos if it needed to. The master needed the souls of the people to survive so it could stay in control of all the Tricos, so the master told each Trico to go into the city and pick someone to find it to. Obviously, people didn’t object because they needed the master to survive so when your chosen your swallowed by a Trico, get regurgitated into a statue which leads to the master and the master takes that person’s soul and then converts its body to some bluish type mush and sends it back to the Trico as a reward for a job well done.

The stone statues act as the master’s limbs in order to do what it needs to get done physically. Eventually, the master of the valley got really greedy and decided why doesn’t everyone become one with me and live forever or something off those lines. So, he ordered all the Tricos to take all the people to his tower so he can swallow them, too. This is why I think lots of players in the game became highly suspicious that all of the stone statues were once people.

Image result for last guardian boy kidnapping
Source: Nicolle Lamerichs

Anyway, I think some people just got real lucky to avoid the day that everything went to hell because I said before that the Tricos might have even been used as transportation, as well. So, the lucky devils who were outside of the city for whatever reason didn’t get kidnapped and absorbed like everyone else and because they knew that the only way to get in or out of the nest is by air, they were pretty much stuck where ever they were at so they settled down and had families and life went on. Meanwhile, after the master was done with all the people in the city it had an inkling that it didn’t get everyone but knew that they weren’t in the city. So, once again it sent the Tricos out to search all over the world for the missing citizens. That’s what I think the boy was in the game; a descendant of one of the original people who used to live in the forgotten city and why when people like him get kidnapped by a Trico they just say that he was a Chosen One.


So, that’s my take on what I think happened. Did I leave anything out? I hope not. If I did please let me know and I will try to explain it as best as I can. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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Changing it up

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys have been enjoying my latest posts that I’ve been putting out. You know I’ve been thinking about changing the content of the this blog slightly for a while now and I think I might actually do it now. I’ve had this site for a while now and I’ve mostly just talked about video games and anime, so I was thinking about talking about movies, as well.

At the same time, I’m only going to talk about the movies that I like and that fit with the blog, too. So, I’ve bet you guys have already guess that I’m going to talk about animation movies like the Lion King, Aladdin, Howl’s Moving Castle or even that new movie Zootopia. So…..yeah that’s happening. Just letting you guys know before you guys look at my next few posts like I’m crazy or something and start questioning my methods.

Can’t wait to get started! Please let me know what you guys think, I love feedback.

Thanks for reading everyone!



Crazy Return

Ladies and gents, at long last I have returned or should I say regained access back into my blog. I know it has been a year maybe even longer than that, I’m not even sure at this point how long its been since I’ve updated this site. Pretty sure it was forever ago and most likely most have you have moved on thinking that I’ve abandoned this site and didn’t bother to tell anybody.

Is that true? Yes and no. Let me explain.

A little later after my last update, my job required me to move around a little bit and to work a bit more than usual, so naturally I didn’t have much time to type up or even think about what I was going to put up next. Before, I knew it a month or two had gone by and I knew I had to say something, but for some crazy reason freaking WordPress was acting as if it didn’t even know who I was. I thought for the longest time that maybe they delete your account or something after seeing no activity for a long period of time. (Silly! I know)

Long story short, I got some vacation time and used some of it to figure out the problem which took me forever to fix. So, I shouldn’t have a problem anymore from what I can tell. I wanted to let you guys know that I didn’t vanish on purpose, things just kind of happened. But, I can say that my job does get in the way of blogging sometimes and this might not be the last time either. Just know that I’m going to continue blogging because I enjoy it.

Thanks for Reading!



Hello again everyone. I know its been a while but I’m glad to announce that I have returned. I would like to thank you all for being so patient in waiting for my long awaited return. I will start blogging once again as soon as possible.