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Ni No Kuni 2

G2A.comAlright everyone, this time I’m going to be talking about a game called,” Ni No Kuni 2″. This game was developed by Level-5  and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. I know that this is the second game in the series, but I’m only going to be talking about this one.

Its revolves around our two main characters Evan and Roland. Roland is the president in our modern world that gets teleported to another world after a disaster happens in his world and he almost dies. When he first appears he encounters, Evan, a human-cat hybrid that is next in line for the throne in the Ding Dong Dell kingdom. Trouble comes barreling their way when they realize that their being invaded and have to escape the palace before it too late.

After escaping the palace, Roland vows to stay in this world with Evan and help him build a new nation, where everyone can be happy. This is already a challenge in itself, but things get even more difficult when they meet Doloran who was a king to a forgotten nation over two thousand years ago. When they discover his plan to rip away other rulers kingsbonds from them in order to help him summon the Horned One, they realize that their racing against the clock.
PlaystationLifestyle.comFor those of you who don’t know a kingsbond is a bond that connects the ruler to not only their subjects, but their Kingmaker. A Kingmaker is pretty much like a god that acts like a guardian to the ruler; having a Kingmaker tells everyone around them that they are worthy enough to rule. That’s one of reasons why Evan can’t go strolling back to his Kingdom whenever he feels like it. Even if he were to take down the traitor Mausinger and all of his lackeys, he still wouldn’t be able to sit on the throne because he hasn’t gotten his Kingmaker yet.

He was supposed to get it during the crowning ceremony the same day that he met Roland and well……you can tell how well that played out for him.

Reddit.comSo, Evan goes to the Kings Cradle to get his own Kingmaker where he then meets Lofty. A squishy, yellow and spiked little thing, they were really disappointed and for good reason. Everyone else’s Kingmaker looks awesome and badass while his looks pathetic and weak looking.

Continuing on their journey they meet a lot of different characters along the way. Their all unique in their own way and bring something new to the table. I love all the problems and adventures they get into to if your into adventure or open world games. This game is also very generous when it comes to collecting items. Items are everywhere in the game, you can’t miss them.

What they make easy in collecting items and treasures they make harder when it comes to fighting monsters. You have to constantly be fighting to get a high enough level to beat any mini or big boss. Granted you don’t have to get the recommended level to beat the boss, but it’ll make the fight a lot easier on you if you did. You know the rule when you play against rpg bosses? Have 99 potions in stock so you can stay alive the entire time.

Sadly that rule does not apply in Ni No Kuni 2. They have it where no matter how potions/hi-potions or in this case soreaways you have in stock if you go into battle your only allowed to use ten of them. Sucks right? This makes fighting bosses a lot harder than it already is. Don’t worry it’s still very possible to kick boss ass even with this restriction.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to first time RPG players only because its different from the normal ones and could be a lot harder in some areas. I really loved the graphics in this game; it made me feel like I was playing inside a movie created by Hizo Miyazaki and Ghibli Studio. I hope that another game like this is already in woodwork for the future. This game was very enjoyable and fun to look at, I hope you all like it as much as I did playing it.

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Persona 5

WikipediaThe new game Persona 5 was developed by Atlus and is totally incredible. This game is about a group of outcasts that become famous Phantom Thieves that gain the power to steal and change the hearts of evil people. The game starts out really epic and weird only because the main character is trying to escape a casino while avoiding monsters and you have no freaking clue to what is going on.

Crazy, right?

I wasn’t too surprised since this is the fifth game in the Persona series so I was kind of used to the weirdness already. But, this is the first time that they’ve tried telling the whole story as a flashback. I felt bad for this guy in the beginning when you see how shitty his life becomes just because he wanted to do the right thing and now he’s being punished for it. What made it even worse was that for a hot minute nobody asked him for his side of the story!

Don’t worry guys things get better.

Youtube.comLater, I don’t know why but Igor (Prison Master/Velvet Room Master) chose him to have persona powers in order to “rehabilitate” him from ruin. How that works…..I don’t know but he just goes with it. Now, his new friends and himself are going into Metaverse which the other world is called and finding the most rotten of people in order to change their hearts and confess their crimes.

I think my guy is pretty calm and laid back for someone in his situation. He kind of just goes with the flow of things which is cool. Anyway, the game itself is pretty addicting and there is A LOT to do besides killing shadows and stealing hearts the whole time. While you’re not fighting in the Metaverse, you have to help him have and keep a decent social life in the real world; doing so will get you extra things in the other world.

After, a marathon of playing the game I realized two things that most of the shadows in the game looked really, really similar to the franchise game called, ‘Megami Tensei’, and that some parts of the soundtrack sounded really similar to another game called, “Catherine”. It wasn’t until later that my dumb self finally figured out that all three games were made by the same people.

PersonaCentral.comAnyway, this game has an awesome storyline, good comic-booky like graphics and is really easy to play. I think they’ve learned from Persona 4 when it came to difficulty settings because this time it goes from safe to expert. So, even if you’re a total beginner at gaming you’ll do just fine in this game. If you love a good storyline or RPG games, then you better get to this one fast!

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Tricos Past Theory

Hello again everybody!

I know what your all thinking right now. Oh my god, two posts in two days what in the world is going on, right? For this post I wanted to make it as fast as possible for your enjoyment and not ponder about what I thought when it came to “The Nest” in the Last Guardian.

Please remember that this is my own theory on what I think happened in the past before the fateful meet up, so feel free to agree or disagree if you want. Also, if you have not played the game or watched it yet (shame on you) then some of the things I say in this would be a major spoiler for you. If you don’t really care though or have played it already then enjoy my story to your heart’s content.

Okay, this is what I think happened…….

Image result for master of the valley last guardian
Source: guides.gamepressure.com

A long, long time ago there lived this great city surrounded by tall mountain walls. Within the city, the people were protected by the giant Tricos and the possessed stone statues. I think the Tricos were used for a lot of things when their were people around because for one someone had to have put that armor on them, so the Tricos could have used to protect the city from danger, transportation if someone needed to go in or out of the city or even as pets because who wouldn’t want a lovable giant Trico to cuddle and play with.


Obviously, the people in the city made that huge tower that housed the master of the valley which controlled the Tricos if it needed to. The master needed the souls of the people to survive so it could stay in control of all the Tricos, so the master told each Trico to go into the city and pick someone to find it to. Obviously, people didn’t object because they needed the master to survive so when your chosen your swallowed by a Trico, get regurgitated into a statue which leads to the master and the master takes that person’s soul and then converts its body to some bluish type mush and sends it back to the Trico as a reward for a job well done.

The stone statues act as the master’s limbs in order to do what it needs to get done physically. Eventually, the master of the valley got really greedy and decided why doesn’t everyone become one with me and live forever or something off those lines. So, he ordered all the Tricos to take all the people to his tower so he can swallow them, too. This is why I think lots of players in the game became highly suspicious that all of the stone statues were once people.

Image result for last guardian boy kidnapping
Source: Nicolle Lamerichs

Anyway, I think some people just got real lucky to avoid the day that everything went to hell because I said before that the Tricos might have even been used as transportation, as well. So, the lucky devils who were outside of the city for whatever reason didn’t get kidnapped and absorbed like everyone else and because they knew that the only way to get in or out of the nest is by air, they were pretty much stuck where ever they were at so they settled down and had families and life went on. Meanwhile, after the master was done with all the people in the city it had an inkling that it didn’t get everyone but knew that they weren’t in the city. So, once again it sent the Tricos out to search all over the world for the missing citizens. That’s what I think the boy was in the game; a descendant of one of the original people who used to live in the forgotten city and why when people like him get kidnapped by a Trico they just say that he was a Chosen One.


So, that’s my take on what I think happened. Did I leave anything out? I hope not. If I did please let me know and I will try to explain it as best as I can. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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Last Guardian




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Hello everyone!

Hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and this lovely winter weather that we are still having if your anywhere near me you know what I’m talking about. Soon, it’ll be spring and I can finally shed some layers and see the sun again. So, let’s move on to the good stuff, shall we?

Since the moment this game came out I wanted to play it. Not just because it got my gamer senses tingling again but I heard nothing buzz and how awesome the game is that I just had to play it. Its been said that this game took a whole 6 years to make and its now coming out the woodwork at last. For me, if you take a whole freaking 6 years to make a game and keep telling people that this will be the most amazing game ever……you better not disappoint.

Disappoint, it did not.

I can call the Last Guardian a masterpiece of gameplay with its high quality graphics, music, storyline and AI character. This game was developed by Team Ico and SIE Japan Studio. The story revolves around a boy who if you think about it you never get to know what his name is and Trico the lovable, giant half-bird, half-mammal creature. Throughout the entire game, I kept trying to guess what combinations of animals he’s mixed with but let’s go with mammal, for now. Anyway, Trico and the boy are both trapped in these ruins and their helping each other through a series of puzzles and form an unbreakable bond of friendship along the way.

This is the type of game that makes you fall in love with the characters and also makes think hard about not only about solving the puzzles and how to get around the possessed statues that seem to have an obsession with capturing you with their ninjitsu and taking you to mystical blue door where your never seen again if your carried into it. But, it also makes you think about everything as a whole. Where did the ruins come from? Who put armor on the Tricos? Where did the people go? Why are the Tricos capturing people? Will the people come back?

While I was playing the game I made up this whole freaking theory about what happened to the civilization before Trico and the boy met up with each other if you can even call it that (if you’ve played or watched the game you know what I’m talking about). If you would like read my possible theory about the Last Guardian then just look out for my next post, Tricos Past Theory. There you’ll be able to read what I think happened to the “The Nest” before our adventure.

I have to give this game a good 9.5/10. It was awesome through and through and I would recommend anyone to play this game and give it a shot. Especially, for the people who like a good story this will warm and break your heart and put you in an emotional rollercoaster which I enjoyed very, very much. If you’ve not played this game yet then I hope that you will now and enjoy the adventure.

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Danganronpa Legacy Continues

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A long time ago, I talked about the game Danganronpa and the second game, as well. Well, this time, I’ll talk about the third game, too. Also, I’ve been hearing that an exciting fourth game is going to come out sometime soon in January of next year. I’m really excited to see what they end up brining to the table this time around considering what happened last time in the second game.


In case some of you didn’t know or remember what happened in the last game. The last surviving students of the killing game, eventually, discover that their in a virtual world and the mastermind, Junko Enoshima, is trying to download her mind into their bodies so she can control the world in different bodies. Together we end up destroying her once and for all and get released from the virtual world.

It was a very nice ending and all, I really enjoyed the second game but those two games left behind a lot of questions that needed answering and luckily for us the game’s developers decided give us some answers with the game Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls. I really liked this game because it was different from the last two game because this one was an adventure/shooter game. Also, it not only shows how the chraracters from the previous game are doing but it fills a lot of holes that were left behind by the two last games. So, that was pretty good.

Ultra Despair Girls was happening after the first killing game in the first game was over. One of questions left behind in the game was…..what happened to Makoto’s family? Not going to reveal what happened to all of them but his sister Komaru is the main character in this game as she tries to survive the city filled with killer robots and homicidal children. This shooter game is a real nice change of pace with a story just as good as the other ones.

Image result for danganronopa junkos successor
Monaca (Junko’s Successor) Source: blog.livedoor.jp

Moving on from that, we have the upcoming release of a fourth game. When I heard this I was wondering what was going to happen since the mastermind is dead and her successor went away. But, once I saw the cover I already had a guess what was going to happen, you see the little girl a little more grown up on the cover, so it looks like she’s going to return to wreak havoc and have one last showdown. I’m telling you guys I’m so excited about this game and you already know that I’m going to one of the first people to buy this game the moment I find out that its out.


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