Last Guardian







Hello everyone!

Hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and this lovely winter weather that we are still having if your anywhere near me you know what I’m talking about. Soon, it’ll be spring and I can finally shed some layers and see the sun again. So, let’s move on to the good stuff, shall we?

Since the moment this game came out I wanted to play it. Not just because it got my gamer senses tingling again but I heard nothing buzz and how awesome the game is that I just had to play it. Its been said that this game took a whole 6 years to make and its now coming out the woodwork at last. For me, if you take a whole freaking 6 years to make a game and keep telling people that this will be the most amazing game ever……you better not disappoint.

Disappoint, it did not.

I can call the Last Guardian a masterpiece of gameplay with its high quality graphics, music, storyline and AI character. This game was developed by Team Ico and SIE Japan Studio. The story revolves around a boy who if you think about it you never get to know what his name is and Trico the lovable, giant half-bird, half-mammal creature. Throughout the entire game, I kept trying to guess what combinations of animals he’s mixed with but let’s go with mammal, for now. Anyway, Trico and the boy are both trapped in these ruins and their helping each other through a series of puzzles and form an unbreakable bond of friendship along the way.

This is the type of game that makes you fall in love with the characters and also makes think hard about not only about solving the puzzles and how to get around the possessed statues that seem to have an obsession with capturing you with their ninjitsu and taking you to mystical blue door where your never seen again if your carried into it. But, it also makes you think about everything as a whole. Where did the ruins come from? Who put armor on the Tricos? Where did the people go? Why are the Tricos capturing people? Will the people come back?

While I was playing the game I made up this whole freaking theory about what happened to the civilization before Trico and the boy met up with each other if you can even call it that (if you’ve played or watched the game you know what I’m talking about). If you would like read my possible theory about the Last Guardian then just look out for my next post, Tricos Past Theory. There you’ll be able to read what I think happened to the “The Nest” before our adventure.

I have to give this game a good 9.5/10. It was awesome through and through and I would recommend anyone to play this game and give it a shot. Especially, for the people who like a good story this will warm and break your heart and put you in an emotional rollercoaster which I enjoyed very, very much. If you’ve not played this game yet then I hope that you will now and enjoy the adventure.

Thanks for Reading!

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