The Summoning: The Adventure Begins

This book was the first book in the Dark Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. After, reading the first book three things passed through my mind.

  1. I’m totally in love with this book.
  2. I love Kelley Armstrong for writing this story.
  3. Where were the other books to this series?

Warning: This post might contain spoilers!!!

If I had to guess where this book caught my attention would have to be when she had a fierce run in with the melting janitor. Now when someone starts seeing their school’s janitor who looks like he just had a run in with the sun and can go through walls, of course, you’re going to get freaked out. But, when you’re the only one who can see this melting custodian then it’s a different story. By different story I mean that everyone will think your crazy and send you to a loony bin. That my friends, is what happens to poor little Chloe.

I’m not going to reveal what happens in the story, but I will tell you that a lot happens inside of the loony bin aka Lyle House. Also, that Chloe ends up taking a lot of crap from everyone in this story. I really felt for the girl, but at the same time I just wanted to shake her right out of her little shell. She barely stood up for herself and most of the time, she would either stay quiet or go along with the other person said. Take Derek and Tori for example.

Tori is a spoiled, rotten, moody bitch who thinks she can do and say, whatever, she wants without consequence. Derek is a anti-social jerk, who has the body of a full-grown man.Also, he barely speaks, but when he does all that comes out is mean or sarcastic comments. Anyway, you could say that those two were her main tormentors. As you read though you can tell that theirs more that meets the eye with not just those two, but with everyone at Lyle House.

The Summoning is the start of a beautiful story and I can’t wait to read the other ones. This makes you want to keep turning the pages while begging for more. Kelley Armstrong has just made me a fan and I can’t wait to read more of her work after I’m done reading this series.

Thanks for Reading!

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