Black Lagoon: Season 2

The second season of Black Lagoon wasn’t a filler that rewinded to the beginning and just put more into the story like most animes do. This one continues from where it left off in the last episode. The only differences between the two seasons is that the second season’s crazy level was cranked up a notch and that their were alot more flashbacks.

For example, the crazy vampire twins that go on an extreme killing spree and at the same time piss off every mafia boss in the city. Those two were incredibly twisted, but after seeing what they had to go through that turned them into killing machines in the first place made me feel kind of bad for them. We also get to see into the Lady Russian’s past as well. Basically, it showed how much of a badass that she is and why you should never want to cross her.

Relationship wise you can obviously see that Rock and Revy are getting closer and closer, but i’m still unsure if this is love or friendship or maybe both. But, I thought it was hilarious when in one of their missions Benny ends up getting a smart girlfriend that makes counterfeit money for a hobby. He was barely a part of this episode and he gets a girlfriend while Rock and Revy are still in the gray zone!

The second season is equally as exciting and violent or more so than the last. I enjoyed watching this anime and I can’t wait to see even more of animes like this in the future. If your already watching this anime or going to then I suggest that you don’t even stop at season one. You need to, immeadately, go straight to watching season two and take on the twisted action that awaits you. Enjoy!

Thanks for Reading!

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