Luigi’s Mansion

The first thing that made me go after this game, Luigi’s Mansion, was the basic storyline and the fact that Luigi would be on his own for this time. It kind of funny.Luigi finally gets his own game and is now in the spotlight, instead, of his brother, but gets thrown into a haunted mansion. Several haunted mansions at that.

The story goes when a scientist who is a old friend of the brothers starts researching about the supernatural inside a creepy old house. Of course, we all should know that studying the supernatural and doing it inside a creepy old mansion is going to lead to disaster. Especially, when he’s studying on actual ghosts. So, we shouldn’t be too surprsied when a giant King Boo shows up out of nowhere and destroys a dark crystal moon that has kept the nice, peaceful ghosts from going completely insane!

It got so bad that the poor old man was forced to hide in a secret bunker and force poor, unsuspecting Luigi to come over and play Ghostbusters. On level 1, Luigi did nothing, but scream, shake and run all over the place. It was pathetic to see him like that, but could you blame him. He was about to go head to head with recently disturbed ghosts.Luckily, for him the shaking and screaming in terror lessened a bit as you played the game.

What I liked most about this game was the seeing the different types of ghosts in the game. Especially, the wandering ghost dog. He was so cute, but so hard to catch that it made you want to pull your hair out! The basic green ghosts were my second favorite because I liked how I got to watch them cause mischeif before I had to suck them into the machine. My most favorite thing about this is watching the Luigi get more and more scared when the scientist tells him what he will be facing. By the look on his face and his very hilarious laugh, you can tell he’s enjoying his ever growing terror.

If you have not played the game yet, I would have to tell you that a certain surprise happens later in the story. I’m not going to tell what it is because that would ruin it for you. But, I think you’ll catch on, on what it is as you play.

This game was very enjoyable. I loved playing this game on my Nintendo 3DS and how I kept switching it over to 3D to 2D. I liked the storyline and graphics that were put into the game. Hopefully, Luigi gets another video game and we can only hope that he doesn’t spend it shaking and screaming his head off.

Thanks for Reading!

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