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Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice


                                     Left to Right: Phoenix, Maya, Apollo and Nahyuta

Hi everyone, its been a while hasn’t it?

For today, I’m going to be talking about another game in the popular Ace Attorney series which is called,” Spirit of Justice”. I think I have played almost every game in this series, so you could say I’m a bit of a fan. 

Every Ace Attorney game that’s ever come out has been an adventure, but this one kind of puts the cherry on the cake. The reason being is that everything that you’ve known about Ace Attorney and all the main characters in all the games come together in a strange twist of fate. When I saw so many different characters in this game my fan girl mode activated. 


Getting into the story a bit, it starts out with Phoenix Wright going to the country of Khura’in to visit Maya since she’s about to graduate from her two long years spirit channeling training. Of course, things don’t go as planned and he ends up in court where attorneys aren’t well liked and to make things worse they depend on the prosecutors and Rayfa’s ‘Dance of Devotion’ séance to determine if someone is guilty or not.

I don’t know if they cranked up the difficulty for this game or if the new controls involved in it had something to do with it, but this one was way harder than the previous ones. They were plenty of times I would be staring at the screen in frustration trying to figure out the answer.

The graphics in this game got a lot better in this one and I was surprised that they through in some anime scenes in there, too. Least to say that they put their all into this game and I loved it. The graphics, the new characters, the anime scenes and also the ever funny parts where the criminal finally goes crazy from getting caught. If you like visual novel or adventure games then I would give this a try and see how you like it. 

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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright?

I picked up this game mostly because I’ve been playing a lot of Ace Attorney games recently plus I’ve been really curious about what Professor Layton games are all about, even though, I’ve never played any of those. Basically, I was killing two birds with one stone. This Nintendo game was developed by Level 5 and Capcom and the storyline behind it is really interesting. Its about two different people getting sucked into a fantasy world called Labyrinthia.

In this game, the two work together to solve the magical world’s mysteries and hidden secrets. This is where I kind of got confused because the title of the game obviously says Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, right? So, how come their working together on this instead of being bitter rivals? I have two ideas of why they chose this title. Its because during the entire game we switch out between the main characters stories during a certain parts of the game, so it kind of felt like they were competing to see which character the player liked playing the most. Also, at the end the two are finally duking it out in the last trial (sorry if I spoiled that for anyone) which is they named the game this way.

Personally, I liked playing as Phoenix Wright the most and I’ve learned through this game that I’m not much of a puzzle solver. Sure, I solved a couple of them with no help but most of them I had to use a lot of hint coins to solve them. Hint coins are just what their called; if you find a coin in the game then you can use it to help you solve a puzzle. The only problem with this is that when you activate the coins the hint is something that you already figured out which frustrated me to no end. I liked using them during trials though when I felt like I’ve done everything possible to figure out the contradiction. Also, I liked all the anime cut scenes that they put into it. Who doesn’t enjoy a good anime cut scene?

During this whole game, I though the cat named Eve was totally evil. The whole time I thought the cat was special and way too smart for its own good. In the end I was right and wrong and I’m not going to tell you how or why, your going to have to go play it for yourself to why I say so. If your a lover of puzzles or solving crazy trials, then you’ll love this game and its wacky characters. It’ll definitely challenge your brain a bit.

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My Hometown Story

Hometown Story that is for the Nintendo 3DS is a very simple game. This game is in the same family as Harvest Moon. If you don’t know what that is it’s a farming/sim game.

In this game, you choose the gender and name of your character of your character and then your story begins. It begins with your grandmother’s death and now there is no one to operate her once popular story. Her furry flying, talking pet would have done it but she lacks opposable thumbs which an requirement to operating the shop.

Everything about the game is simple. The graphics, the controls for the game and the characters. Some of things that I’ve come to hate about this game is the camera. You know how usually when you play a game you can use your controls to move it any way that you want. Well, you can’t do that in this game. Also, no matter how much profit you end up making for the day, everybody in town will take it away so you’ve got something to sell tomorrow.

Also, their are items that you can buy but you can’t sell. If your wondering that I can just give it to someone your wrong. If a person doesn’t come right up to me and says that they want a particular item from me, it just stays in my storage. So, what is the point of buying these certain items? Well, the answer is quite simple ladies and gentlemen.

Absolutely nothing.

This game is so simple that it’ll wrack at your nerves. I think maybe this type of game would only be entertaining to people who are complete beginners in the gaming world.

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Conception 2: Children of the 7 Stars

pushsquare.comThe game Conception 2 is for the Nintendo 3DS and it mostly centers around a boy who you can whoever but I chose to leave the name as it was, so we’ll say his name is Wake. Twenty years ago, dark circles appeared out of nowhere all around the world. Eventually, they were called Dusk Circles and the monsters that crawled out of them and terrorized the people were called The Dusk.

I solution was quickly gathered when the Star God that they worship chose certain people to acquire special powers to fight off these monsters. These people are called Disciples and they would know that they were chosen by the Star God when a brand would suddenly appear on their body. Then, they get shipped off to the Academy where they get trained and educated.

When Wake gets their though and takes the exam to find out which rank he’s supposed to be in, he’s in for a surprise. I won’t spoil it for you, but it wasn’t what I was thought it was going to be. Usually, when I’m playing a game I can pretty much guess what’s going to happen next, but looks like I was a little off on this one.

Back to the game, other than fighting monsters with their special powers and sealing away Dusk Circles, they have another job. That’s to create as many Star Children as possible. Now, this is where this RPG game starts to feel like your playing a sim dating game. Apparently, you have to woo all this girls in order for you and her to participate and complete the ‘ritual‘ as they call it.

They try to sugar coat what you’re looking at during the ritual, but we all know what this is and I find it quite funny how the characters explain it like it’s not what it looks like. But, then his friend, Chlotz, says that he’s jealous of him because Wake has the excuse to say that its his duty to help make as many Star Children as possible.

Star Children to me are like those little fairies that like to follow you around everywhere, except these are actually helpful in a fight. Also, they are absolutely adorable and what kind of child you can end up with is almost random……almost.

The only thing that’s in your control is a type of child you want. You want to be a swordsman, magician, grappler, etc.

The story is actually pretty good. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to see what will happen next in the game and what will happen in the end.

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The Legend of Phoenix Wright Begins

Back from my brief vacation I shall now continue blogging once again. This time will start by talking about another Ace Attorney game.

For those who have read my previous posts then you know that I have talked about the Ace Attorney series games in the past. Unfortunately, I am playing them out of order and today is no different. This one is called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and it was the first game in the series. Before, I even bought the game I was worried about how the graphics would look and if I would even like it because it was made such a long time ago. Those worries were put to rest once I started playing. The game did what the rest of the series did which was suck me right into the storyline.

In this game is where we play the soon to be famous Phoenix Wright where in this game, he is just starting out. It was so funny watching him squirm and not finding the right words to say because he was so nervous. As I was playing the game, the different questions that have stacked up in my mind when I was playing the later versions of the Ace Attorney games finally unraveled. For example, I finally know how Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright are connected to each other and how all the other characters met.

In the first one, you’ll see Edgeworth’s past come to light and watch Von Karma crack. I thought that was the most hilarious mental breakdown I have ever seen. The great and confident Von Karma finally cracks under the pressure. I had two thoughts while his breakdown and it was,” That’s so funny!” and “If only Franzika could see you now!” She would have been devastated to see her father like that and I thought would even be more sweeter the victory.

Also, for the people who already play the game I recommend playing the first game before playing the last game. If you don’t want to be totally lost in the storyline of the new Ace Attorney game called Trials and Tribulations then play the first one. A lot of what happens in the first game will be mentioned in the latest game, as well.

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Mario & Luigi: The Dream Team

The reason behind me buying this game was because I love playing Mario and Luigi games and that this one kind of looked different from the other ones. I was right! Some of its useful traits that you see in most Mario games remained, but some were also different. For example, they kind of turn the Dream Team game into a RPG type game. You know how you get to choose a characters’ moves before they do anything or how you can see their life bar? That’s how they did it in this game.

Also, in this game you’re not just going on some adventure and stepping on your enemies, whenever, they appear. Like most RPG games in this one they you go onto a battle field where you can fight them if you happen to encounter one. A helpful thing about this game is that I liked was if both brothers died in battle then the game will give you a choice to either retry and start the battle all over again or let you retry the battle in easy mode. Easy mode will make the enemy tremendously weaker and give you a bigger chance of defeating the enemy. Now I don’t know if that’s considered cheating in its own way, but I like to use it, whenever, I encounter a powerful enemy that I can’t defeat no matter how many tries or no matter what I do.

For this game the story seems to go like this. Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and most of the people from Princess Peach’s land were suddenly invited by a Dr.Snoozemore to come to his island. They go because they never heard of this land before and that they were promised that they could relax and have fun there. Once they arrive everyone on the island is happy to see them, but the mysterious Dr.Snoozemore is nowhere to be found. Later, the Luigi ends up sleeping on a pillow that was said to have magical powers. When he fell asleep on it his dream appeared, but also sucked in poor Peach.

Mario being the hero and all jumps into the dream to save her. It takes a while, but saves her in the end. When Luigi wakes back up the pillow that he was sleeping on came alive. It turns out that the people who used to live on the island a long time ago were turned into pillows by an evil man named Antasma. Antasma was sealed inside the deep part of the dream world……until he broke out. Now the pillow or what they liked to be called Pi’illo asked the brothers to help release his people from their curse.

Their adventure begins and there is a lot to do. While you play the adventure you can also help release the Pi’illo from their curse or play the mini games that the game provides. It’s a lot of fun. All of the characters are unique in their own way, but most are completely dramatic that its funny.

One of my favorite things about this game was going into the dream world and using Luigi’s powers. They really let him in the action this time. Luigi could do a lot in the dream world, he could turn into a tree, clone himself, become one with the weather, become a huge giant and do a lot more. With Mario’s smarts combined with Luigi’s unique powers they were unbeatable…..in the dream world. Now you must be wondering, why does Luigi get all the cool powers in the dream world and not Mario? Well, that’s because it’s not his dream. Whenever, they enter the dream world they always use Luigi’s dreams because in this story he can fall asleep just about anywhere.

Since Mario is wandering in his brother’s dream, Luigi can do or be whatever he wants to be. Don’t worry though, Mario is still able to do some cool moves in the real world.

In this game, you’re going to see new characters and old characters. Some of them I hope to see in future Mario & Luigi games to come. I really enjoyed the uniqueness and storyline behind this game. I hoping they will create more and more exciting and unique games just like this in the future. Until then I can only hope and hope that you will enjoy this game as much as I have.

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Luigi’s Mansion


The first thing that made me go after this game, Luigi’s Mansion, was the basic storyline and the fact that Luigi would be on his own for this time. It kind of funny.Luigi finally gets his own game and is now in the spotlight, instead, of his brother, but gets thrown into a haunted mansion. Several haunted mansions at that.

The story goes when a scientist who is a old friend of the brothers starts researching about the supernatural inside a creepy old house. Of course, we all should know that studying the supernatural and doing it inside a creepy old mansion is going to lead to disaster. Especially, when he’s studying on actual ghosts. So, we shouldn’t be too surprsied when a giant King Boo shows up out of nowhere and destroys a dark crystal moon that has kept the nice, peaceful ghosts from going completely insane!

It got so bad that the poor old man was forced to hide in a secret bunker and force poor, unsuspecting Luigi to come over and play Ghostbusters. On level 1, Luigi did nothing, but scream, shake and run all over the place. It was pathetic to see him like that, but could you blame him. He was about to go head to head with recently disturbed ghosts.Luckily, for him the shaking and screaming in terror lessened a bit as you played the game.

What I liked most about this game was the seeing the different types of ghosts in the game. Especially, the wandering ghost dog. He was so cute, but so hard to catch that it made you want to pull your hair out! The basic green ghosts were my second favorite because I liked how I got to watch them cause mischeif before I had to suck them into the machine. My most favorite thing about this is watching the Luigi get more and more scared when the scientist tells him what he will be facing. By the look on his face and his very hilarious laugh, you can tell he’s enjoying his ever growing terror.

If you have not played the game yet, I would have to tell you that a certain surprise happens later in the story. I’m not going to tell what it is because that would ruin it for you. But, I think you’ll catch on, on what it is as you play.

This game was very enjoyable. I loved playing this game on my Nintendo 3DS and how I kept switching it over to 3D to 2D. I liked the storyline and graphics that were put into the game. Hopefully, Luigi gets another video game and we can only hope that he doesn’t spend it shaking and screaming his head off.

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