Shokugeki no Soma


This would have to be the first manga I have ever read that was so into cooking or food. I learned so much about cooking and different types of dishes more than any cook book that I have ever read. The story isn’t even done yet, but I know there are more events and delicious dishes to come.

Besides, the minor character flashbacks this story revolves around a boy named Souma. This was practically born and raised in the kitchen. He was taught by his father, Jouichirou, who inspired him to become a cook and taught almost everything that he knows. They run a local restaurant together, but Souma’s goal in life is to someday surpass his father and take over the restaurant. That’s going to be hard to do when your father seems to know every dish known to man. Souma has challenged his dad 490 times and 490 times, he has failed. He knows that if he can’t beat his father then he will never be able to run the restaurant.

I felt so bad for him. It seems like he’s never going to win against him. What I think he should do is let his dad have the restaurant, but let him create and run his own somewhere else. But, once you get to know this guy you can already tell that isn’t going to happen. He’s one of those people who, whatever, he decides he’s going to stick with it no matter what. But, how he was going to accomplish this seemed like a mystery until he father leaves suddenly one day and closes up shop until he returns. Not only that, he told him to enroll in a famous cooking school called Tootsuki Academy. A cooking school where  only 10% of students graduate.

Now you know that if you hear that then this school is going to be strict and intense. Especially, if one of its top students is not only the student council president, but also the chairman’s granddaughter. Erina doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the school’s reputation. Many have dropped out or couldn’t even enroll because they couldn’t bear to face her wrath. She’s absolutely merciless and has the biggest ego I have ever seen. She thinks she’s the goddess of cooking because everything she makes is perfect and she has never failed in making any kind of dish. So, when Souma comes along and tries to take the entrance exam, she immediately thinks he’s trash and doesn’t think he’ll be able to make anything worth while just because he doesn’t come from a wealthy family. She’s not the only one almost every student there is rich and snobbish and thinks that commoners can’t make crap.

Why is it that every elite type school with rich kids think this? Are they just born thinking that their above everyone else or are they taught? Who knows really, but I think that’s something to think about. This isn’t the first manga to make this kind of rich vs commoner scenario, but let’s get back to the story.

Anyway, not only does Souma pass while damaging Erina’s huge ego. He also makes almost every student in the school his enemy by announcing that not only will he graduate, but will also become Tootsuki’s top ten. The top ten are an elite group of students at the academy, who have fought their way to the top. It’s nearly impossible to get in.

I really liked the storyline in this manga and the intense cook offs that they had. But, I just have one question  though. Why is it that almost every time someone eats a dish, they either have an orgasm or a spontaneous vision? Is their cooking really that good? It makes me want to try some and see if the same thing would happen to me. Or at least try my hand in cooking and try to see if it’ll get the same effect.

With all of the girls slowly becoming part of Souma’s group, you can tell that any minute now that either someone is going to fall in love with him or confess. It’s only a matter of time.

The only things left to say about it would be that it’s really good and educational at the same time. I hope they complete the entire manga soon, so I can see what happens to him next. I think many people would like this manga because of all the hot girls, boys, unique characters and intense cook offs. If you like learning something, cooking, food or just a good story then this for you. I always hate when they make a good story, but its incomplete. It just drives me crazy and I just wish they can update it soon, so we can all continue to enjoy it. If you don’t reading an ongoing story than please feel free to read it.

Thanks for Reading!

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