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Attack on Titan:Part 2


You’ve already probably noticed that I’m just going to talk about part 2 of Attack on Titan, instead, of part 1. That’s because I’ve already talked about part 1 on my old blog which if any of you would to glance at it’s at http://www.L0VANIME.blogspot.com.

Anyway onto the story, if you’ve already watched Attack on Titan then you already know the gist of the story. The human race is at the brink of extinction because of the man-eating titans and to avoid absolute death they built a huge wall around their kingdom which held for 2000 years. It gets seriously more intense after everyone finds out about Eren’s ability to turn himself into a titan. Even after Eren saves them all and helps them reclaim some of their territory, the people in his town still hate him and call him a monster which I thought was pretty messed up. If he really was a monster then he wouldn’t have saved any of them. It got worse when the people decide that they need to hold a trial for him to see if he should live or die.

If he dies then they just lost their only hope of survival, but if they decide to let him stay alive then he would have to join the Scout Regiment. The Scout Regiment is where soldiers who choose to fight the titans outside of their walled city. Unfortunately, after the attack no one wanted to be in it for fear of getting eaten.

I’m not going to spoil want happened during the trial or what they plan to do to him for the people who haven’t watched it yet, but let me tell you that its intense and depressing. I felt bad for Eren.

Then, comes one of my favorite characters in this anime. Levi, a powerful and respected soldier of the Scout Regiment group. He’s this strict, clean freak who always has a sour look on his face. But, for some reason cares about Eren and doesn’t seem to be afraid of him. My second favorite character in the Scout Regiment would have to be Hange. She’s always really happy, especially, when titans are involved. She’s like the scientist of the group, but don’t be fooled she’s just as lethal as the rest of them.

I don’t know which moment I liked better in part 2 of Attack on Titan, it would either have to be when a female titan appeared. Yes, I said a female titan appears out of no where kicking everyone’s ass. Or at the season finale, when Eren and the female titan face off in titan forms. I’m not going to reveal the secret identity of the other titan, you’re going to have to see for yourself.

My only problem with this anime would have to be that their aren’t enough episodes. The season is over and there is no sign of anymore episode or part 3 coming out the woodwork. They left behind too many questions and not enough answers, so I’ll be anxiously waiting for more episodes. Until next time.

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Corpse Party Covered

Source: http://www.lparchive.org

Recently, I got hooked on to the horror story called “Corpse Party”. I got to say that its pretty good.

It starts out normal like all horror stories are with a group of kids telling scary stories in their home room class. Shinozaki is quite the talented story-teller, she even went the extra mile to scare her friends with the help of her teacher, Ms.Yui. But, I can say that the only one who got really scared by it would have to be Mochida. He boy gets scared so easily it’s ridiculous, I kind of felt bad that he was even in this manga at all.

We also have Naomi (the tomboy), Yoshiki (the bad boy), Yuka (Mochida’s little sister), Seiko (Naomi’s best friend), Mayu (transfer student) and Morishige (Mayu’s childhood friend). Unfortunately, for Mochida and the rest of the gang, things even get more creepy when out of the blue Shinozaki wants to work a spell on everyone that she sound on the internet. (Yeah, I don’t see that blowing up in your face.)

What the spell was supposed to do was connect them as friends. So, that no matter where they go they will always be friends. It was a nice thought until the spell went horribly wrong. Now their inside this creepy school called “Heavenly Host Elementary School” that existed before the school that was built today. The reason for it being shut down was because serial murderer who was kidnapping and killing kids in the basement of the school.

So, now their stuck in the school with no way of getting out. I don’t think they would have even figured where they were if the ghosts of other victims didn’t conveniently come out and explain things to them. According to the ‘friendly’ ghosts, they were victims that got dragged here just like them and were killed, but even in death they can’t move on. They said that this school in inside of a different dimension, so they can’t leave and to make things even worse everyone got separated when they first entered the school. How messed up is that! Its bad enough that you got suddenly dragged into a dimension where ghosts try to kill you, but you also get separated, cutting down your chances of survival.

I can guess what your thinking now. Your thinking,” All they have to do now is walk around the school and find each other”. Sorry, folks but they can’t do that either. Apparently, this place has different dimensions inside the school, so even if their classmates were all in the same room, they still wouldn’t be able to meet each other. That’s why a felt glad when some had the luck of being in the same dimension like Naomi with Seiko or Ms.Yui, Shinozaki and Yoshiki ending up together. But, the person who was most unlucky with this was Yuka, I felt scared for this girl being by herself and hoped, she found someone…………..alive soon.

One of the things I liked about this manga besides the gore, the mystery and the frequent attempts at trying to scare the crap out of me were the little dashes of romance they tried to squeeze in there. You’ll find in the manga that we’re going to see a bit of a love triangle develop in it. Shinozaki and Naomi liked Mochida, but Yoshiki liked Shinozaki. So, it was really a weird love square. The whole time I was rooting for Yoshiki to confess his feelings or at least kiss Shinozaki before one of them died.

There is a lot of mystery and darkness in this manga, that make you think that there is no hope for them. This manga is not yet completed, but the anime is. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next, but until then I’ll be reading the other versions of Corpse Party.

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The Last Game

Source: http://www.zerochan.net

(Yanagi and Kujou)

When you see a title named “Last Game”, you think there is going to be some serious action and tension in the story. Probably revolving around two rivals, right?

Well, then you would be wrong and right at the same time.

This is a love story between two rivals, Yanagi and Kujou. Well, there not really rivals if one of them barely acknowledges the other. Yanagi has always been smart, rich and talented in everything that he does until Kujou comes along and takes the spotlight. She’s plain, expressionless and poor, but beats him in everything that he does.

Yanagi being the person that he is couldn’t accept that a girl like her can beat him. So, he’s made his mission to try to beat her in something. This manga reminded me of S.A. only reversed. As time went on in the story, Yanagi still can’t beat her in anything but starts to notice that she has developed a weakness. She’s so expressionless and shows no emotion no matter the situation. She’s been called the “Iron Daughter” because of that and everyone knows that she works hard, so she can help her.

So, no one approaches her or wants to be her friend because of this, but this doesn’t seem to bother her either. I loved seeing Kujou not reacting to all the weird stuff those two go through.Yanagi gets the idea that he can take advantage of Kujou’s lonely situation by making her fall for him. He tells himself that if he can at least do that then he wins the game, which is why it’s called Last Game.

You already know that this manga is going to be hilarious. A rich boy trying to win the heart of the Iron Daughter. What even more funny was that he had that idea in middle school and in this story they’re in college. So, he’s been trying to win her love for 10 straight years! That’s really messed up, but you’ll have to give him credit for persistence. Any other guy would have given up a long, long time ago and Souma isn’t making it any easier on him.

Souma is this country who came to the city to escape the city life. It was ridiculous how much money and effort, he puts into his image so he can become popular. When he met Yanagi he automatically made him his rival and does anything to mess with him, that includes Kujou. A first he was flirting with her to get back at him. Then, turns out he actually likes her. A weird love triangle has formed (I love, love triangles).

If I had to say who she had to go with I’d say Souma and only because he can read her better and seems to understand her more than Yanagi. Also, because he’s from the country and Kujou isn’t rich, he appreciates the little things that she does, much to Yanagi’s dismay. Everytime Souma and Kujou are together it always rubs him the wrong way, which I think is funny to watch.

This story is incomplete, so expect more to come.

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Rutta To Kodama

Source: http://www.yaoiotaku.com

Rutta to Kodama is a completed story by Fujitani Youko. This story revolves around two boys named Rutta and Kodama. These two became roomates at their school because unfortunately for Kodama there were no other rooms available. He didn’t care that he didn’t have a choice when it came to having a roommate. That is until is new classmates started to tell him about the rumors they heard about him.

They scared the crap out of him when they told Kodama that his roomate-to-be was a heartless thug that would beat people up for the smallest of reasons. They told him that he doesn’t care about anyone or anything else, but himself. They made it sound like he was going to end up dead very soon. When he finally met him, he was just like his classmates described him. But, in this story we see Kodama change is personality really quickly in the beginning. He goes from beating people up in different schools from actually going and paying attention in class.

Everybody in the school wondered, ” Why is he starting to behave now?” It’s because of Kodama. But, what got me was the reason he was even listening to him in the first place. The answer is simple………he’s gay.

No, I’m not just saying that to be funny. He’s really gay and has the hots for Kodama.

Yes, my friends this is another Yaoi story. For people who don’t know Yaoi means gay in guy terms. How is Kodama going to handle it when he finds out that Rutta is in love with him? You can find out by reading it.

What I liked about this story is that it’s not too long. They don’t keep dragging the story along until it gets boring. I also liked watching their love story develop. You can tell that Kodama was the girl and Ruuta was the guy in the relationship. This manga is heart warming, touching and totally romantic. It’s an awesome love story. I think anyone who loves reading about a love story and doesn’t mind it being revolved around a gay couple would really love this story.

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Fairy Tail

Source: http://www.mangauk.com

This popular show is centered around a group of wizards that take jobs posted at their guild. Their guild is called Fairy Tail and according to the story, theirs is really famous and for good reason.

The wizards that work at Fairy Tail are said to be so powerful and crazy that everyone says that they wouldn’t be surprised if they destroyed whole cities trying to complete their missions. Now, don’t get me wrong they aren’t evil they just over do it to the point of no return. This also puts them on the council’s radar constantly. For people, who don’t know about the magic council are a powerful group of wizards that act as the police, the jury and judge. They make sure that all the wizards around the world are following the rules.

Anyway, the main people in this anime are Lucy (the celestial wizard), Natsu (the fire wizard), Gray (the ice wizard), Erza (weapon wizard) and Happy (the talking, flying cat). I don’t know which one would be my top favorite its a tie between Natsu and Gray. I like Lucy too, but she isn’t all that powerful. Her magic is convenient sometimes, but most of the time its pretty much useless. I think that its funny that she seems to be the only normal person in Fairy Tail whose trying to get along with everyone. She gets so freaked out with just about everything that they do. Also, I was surprised that once upon a time she was thinking of joining Phantom Lord, the rival wizard guild against Fairy Tail.

When I saw how people in Phantom Lord worked I already knew she wasn’t a good fit. They were all doom and gloom and she’s all perky and sunshine.

There are so many unique characters at Fairy Tail. The show is hilarious, adventurous and full of action and magic. I can’t get enough of it! I can’t wait to see the second season to see what happens next. I have strong hopes that one day that Natsu will beat Erza and make it to the second floor of the guild. Also, hoping that Lucy and Natsu get together one day. Natsu may not realize it, but I think those two were meant to be together.

Fairy Tail is definitely a must watch. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Especially, if you like fighting, magic, adventure and plenty of mystery.

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Akatsuki no Yona


Source: gallery.minitoyko.net

(Princess Yona)

I was quick to get addicted to this anime. Akatsuki no Yona has an awesome storyline, characters and lots of action.

This story begins with a group of three friends that have been together since childhood. Yona, the princess, Hak, the princess’s bodyguard and Soo-Won, Yona’s cousin and secret crush. All three of these characters are so different and unique in there in way. That you can’t believe that their friends.

Hak, is a genius fighter with a mysterious past and a smart mouth. I think he loves ticking Yona off. Yona is the spoiled princess that gets whatever she wants. But, she isn’t a horrible person she’s actually sweet and nice. Last but not least, Soo-Won, who is Yona’s cousin. He’s handsome and just as sweet. I think he’s as spoiled as Yona, but he’s also a fighter. I don’t know if he’s just as good as Hak. But, I would like to see them fight one of these days.

If there is one thing that I didn’t like about Yona it would have to be how they should how spoiled she was. You know how rich kids or how kids act when they get, whatever, they want but when the parent finally says no, they through a tantrum. Well, in the beginning you’ll see that Yona has a secret crush on Soo-Won, so when the subject of marriage came up and she told her father that she wanted to marry Soo-Won, he said no. I think in her own way she lost it because the way they told it was if she was thinking the world was going to end.

I really don’t know why her father said no to her about marrying him. He seems like an okay guy. But, their must have been a good reason for it because he went and told her that the person who marries you will be the next king and she has to think what would make him happy.

Translation: I don’t think he would make a good king and I don’t think he likes you like that.

I kind of felt bad for her, but I think she cancelled out that feeling when all she could think about was him. She was determined to argue with him for who knows how long until she got him to agree. (Another get-what-you-want tactic.)

The whole time I felt like something wasn’t right after that arguement.Later, you see the real reason why he didn’t want her to marry him. It’s quite messed up and expected in unexpected at the same time. The poor girl was left in shock for days.

But, don’t worry the awesome and evil-looking Hak was there to save the day! After, that those two traveled all over the world because they were forced to leave their home. I knew that, eventually, some romance was going to kick into the story. Since, Soo-Won is now out the picture and she’s now traveling around with Hak, who I think has secretly liked her for a long time. He just suppressed it because he knew that she liked Soo-Won and not him.

If there is one thing I like about Hak. It’s the one thing that you don’t want to do which is get him angry. For some reason, he becomes more good-looking to me when he suddenly becomes enraged.

Anyway, if you don’t mind the incompleteness of this story then I suggest he start reading this immediately. You won’t regret it.

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Tenchi Muyo

I have to say that this anime is hilarious as hell. It’s about a boy who ends up releasing a demon named Ryoko out of a cave that is near his family’s shrine. When you hear something like that your probably thinking this one of those feudal era type animes where theirs demons, spirits and a whole lot of killing going on. Your close, but no dice.

Its setting is actually in modern-day Japan, but our hero,Tenchi, in this story lives deep in the woods with his grandfather in the family shrine. Like all teenage boys who do nothing, but do chores, train and go to school wonders why he has to do all this and never get to have any fun like a normal boy his age does. Later, we learn that their was a reason for all of it. Tenchi could have one day been able to live as a normal person if he didn’t wake Ryoko up who, immediately, hunted him down to kill him. Later, though she seems to calm down a bit and becomes friends with Tenchi and makes herself quite comfortable at his house.

Soon, we learn that this anime is going to give us a sci-fi harem twist when Princess Ayeka arrives to find her brother and kill Ryoko. She’s an alien princess who came to planet earth and she says she has been looking for her brother for 700 years. 700 years?! Now you would think that both she and her brother wouldbe dead, but I think her people either age really, really slowly or they like freezing themselves so much. In the beginning, you see Ayeka come out of freezing herself.

After, Ayeka comes in so does Sasami, Washu and Mihoshi. Every girl with him fall in love with him even Ryoko who has daily showdowns with Ayeka. Sasami looks to be the only one who doesn’t like Tenchi like that. For me, I think he’ll, eventually, go for Ryoko because she doesn’t like to show it, but her feelings for Tenchi are really deep. He just can’t get over her rough and wild personality.

I suggest everyone watches it. Its funny, romantic, mysterious and filled with plenty of action. There are a lot of other seasons and movies that go along with this and I’m sure I will be able to talk about these in the future. This a really enjoyable show and I can’t wait to see more.

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Black Lagoon: Season 2

The second season of Black Lagoon wasn’t a filler that rewinded to the beginning and just put more into the story like most animes do. This one continues from where it left off in the last episode. The only differences between the two seasons is that the second season’s crazy level was cranked up a notch and that their were alot more flashbacks.

For example, the crazy vampire twins that go on an extreme killing spree and at the same time piss off every mafia boss in the city. Those two were incredibly twisted, but after seeing what they had to go through that turned them into killing machines in the first place made me feel kind of bad for them. We also get to see into the Lady Russian’s past as well. Basically, it showed how much of a badass that she is and why you should never want to cross her.

Relationship wise you can obviously see that Rock and Revy are getting closer and closer, but i’m still unsure if this is love or friendship or maybe both. But, I thought it was hilarious when in one of their missions Benny ends up getting a smart girlfriend that makes counterfeit money for a hobby. He was barely a part of this episode and he gets a girlfriend while Rock and Revy are still in the gray zone!

The second season is equally as exciting and violent or more so than the last. I enjoyed watching this anime and I can’t wait to see even more of animes like this in the future. If your already watching this anime or going to then I suggest that you don’t even stop at season one. You need to, immeadately, go straight to watching season two and take on the twisted action that awaits you. Enjoy!

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The Crazy Crew of Black Lagoon


The only thing that I have to say about this show is that the storyline is just as crazy as its characters. It starts out with a normal everyday person named Rokuro Okajima who later changes his name to Rock. He’s one of those businessmen that slave away all day hoping to make it to the top someday. But, things don’t go as planned when his employers decide they could trust him with a ‘special’ disc’ and tell him to transport to someone. Now if my employer told me to do something like that I would get really suspicious about the job. Mr. Okajima or should I say Mr.Oblivous didn’t really think about that much because he ended taking the job and now it’s going to cost him.The disc he was carrying caught the attention of the Lagoon Company. These people are ruthless and crazy pirates with clients and do anything for money. Benny, is what you called the communication man of the group. He’s a total easy-going, down to earth kind of guy and you could tell you would be the life of any party. The leader, Dutch, is this big black man who no one on the show can figure out. Last but not least, is Revy the muscle on the team. She’s the craziest out of all the them, but is my favorite. I just love her tough and wild personality and Rock seems to really hit it off with her in the beginning. Well, if you consider getting kidnapped by her and only getting beaten a couple of times hitting it off then yes.

In the first couple of episodes, I kind of noticed a spark between Rock and Revy. So, I think that these two are either going to become best friends or a couple. Most of the time I’m pretty sure about the end results when it comes to the relationships that happen inside of a story, but with Revy’s psycho personality I can’t really see them as a couple. When I do I can already see Rock being abused trying to please her any way he can.Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m right. Your just going to watch it to find out for yourself.

I’m also wondering about that mysterious mafia lady. I would very much to know her story and how she got all those burns. Was she in some kind of terrible fire? Did someone torture her? Why is she frequent customer for the Lagoon Company? So, many questions that must be answered.

Another thing that I would like to know is what is with the theme songs for this show. The opening theme is really hardcore and pumps you up for the show, but the ending theme makes me think that I’m about to see a sad flashback or something. I don’t know maybe its the creators way of pumping you up in the beginning and later making you cool down with the ending theme. Anyway, this anime gets an A in my book and I can’t wait to see more! I really recommend this to anime fans who are looking for an extreme thriller with lots of humor mixed into it.

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Manga or Comics: What’s the difference?

Now I have heard this question like a billion times. I’ve also been in situations where I could be reading a manga somewhere and I can hear someone nearby saying that she’s reading a comic book. But, I’m not its manga! Now to the untrained eye they may look similar, especially, if you’re not a fan of manga or comic books. But, there is a great difference between them and for me I think I can sum it all up in three major differences.

1. Manga’s origin comes from the Japanese. Americans made comics.

2. When reading a comic book it will always be in color, while reading manga you’ll rarely see it. The cover and first couple of pages might be in color, but don’t get your hopes up. Also, when you read a comic its left to right like your reading a book. For mangas its right to left.

3. Now what I think is the most important difference between the two is the drawn line on how far they will go. For comics they’ll go a certain extent of how much their going to show in it. Like for most comics, they won’t show too much. They will either censor it or not put it in at all, but imply that it did happen. Mangas, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite. They will show you everything that goes in the story as much as possible. You want to watch someone’s body get torn to shreds? You got it. You want to watch two people have sex? No problem. Do you want to agonizingly read someone get raped page after page? They’ll show that, too. The point is that mangas will go way, way further than a comic would and that’s what people like about it.

I guess I ended up telling you four differences than just three, but that’s okay. Also, I would like to let you know that I was not trying to say that manga is better than comics or vise versa. No that’s not the point I was trying to make I just wanted to explain the obvious differences between the two. Some people like mangas and some like comics, its not a bad thing. Both give joy and entertainment to its readers and that’s what its about. I hope you’ll enjoy both or one or the other to the fullest.

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