Rutta To Kodama


Rutta to Kodama is a completed story by Fujitani Youko. This story revolves around two boys named Rutta and Kodama. These two became roomates at their school because unfortunately for Kodama there were no other rooms available. He didn’t care that he didn’t have a choice when it came to having a roommate. That is until is new classmates started to tell him about the rumors they heard about him.

They scared the crap out of him when they told Kodama that his roomate-to-be was a heartless thug that would beat people up for the smallest of reasons. They told him that he doesn’t care about anyone or anything else, but himself. They made it sound like he was going to end up dead very soon. When he finally met him, he was just like his classmates described him. But, in this story we see Kodama change is personality really quickly in the beginning. He goes from beating people up in different schools from actually going and paying attention in class.

Everybody in the school wondered, ” Why is he starting to behave now?” It’s because of Kodama. But, what got me was the reason he was even listening to him in the first place. The answer is simple………he’s gay.

No, I’m not just saying that to be funny. He’s really gay and has the hots for Kodama.

Yes, my friends this is another Yaoi story. For people who don’t know Yaoi means gay in guy terms. How is Kodama going to handle it when he finds out that Rutta is in love with him? You can find out by reading it.

What I liked about this story is that it’s not too long. They don’t keep dragging the story along until it gets boring. I also liked watching their love story develop. You can tell that Kodama was the girl and Ruuta was the guy in the relationship. This manga is heart warming, touching and totally romantic. It’s an awesome love story. I think anyone who loves reading about a love story and doesn’t mind it being revolved around a gay couple would really love this story.

Thanks for Reading!

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