The Crazy Crew of Black Lagoon

The only thing that I have to say about this show is that the storyline is just as crazy as its characters. It starts out with a normal everyday person named Rokuro Okajima who later changes his name to Rock. He’s one of those businessmen that slave away all day hoping to make it to the top someday. But, things don’t go as planned when his employers decide they could trust him with a ‘special’ disc’ and tell him to transport to someone. Now if my employer told me to do something like that I would get really suspicious about the job. Mr. Okajima or should I say Mr.Oblivous didn’t really think about that much because he ended taking the job and now it’s going to cost him.The disc he was carrying caught the attention of the Lagoon Company. These people are ruthless and crazy pirates with clients and do anything for money. Benny, is what you called the communication man of the group. He’s a total easy-going, down to earth kind of guy and you could tell you would be the life of any party. The leader, Dutch, is this big black man who no one on the show can figure out. Last but not least, is Revy the muscle on the team. She’s the craziest out of all the them, but is my favorite. I just love her tough and wild personality and Rock seems to really hit it off with her in the beginning. Well, if you consider getting kidnapped by her and only getting beaten a couple of times hitting it off then yes.

In the first couple of episodes, I kind of noticed a spark between Rock and Revy. So, I think that these two are either going to become best friends or a couple. Most of the time I’m pretty sure about the end results when it comes to the relationships that happen inside of a story, but with Revy’s psycho personality I can’t really see them as a couple. When I do I can already see Rock being abused trying to please her any way he can.Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m right. Your just going to watch it to find out for yourself.

I’m also wondering about that mysterious mafia lady. I would very much to know her story and how she got all those burns. Was she in some kind of terrible fire? Did someone torture her? Why is she frequent customer for the Lagoon Company? So, many questions that must be answered.

Another thing that I would like to know is what is with the theme songs for this show. The opening theme is really hardcore and pumps you up for the show, but the ending theme makes me think that I’m about to see a sad flashback or something. I don’t know maybe its the creators way of pumping you up in the beginning and later making you cool down with the ending theme. Anyway, this anime gets an A in my book and I can’t wait to see more! I really recommend this to anime fans who are looking for an extreme thriller with lots of humor mixed into it.

Thanks for Reading!

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