The Rising

I was so happy as I was reading the third and final book 'The Rising'. The reason why would have to be because my wish was finally granted. Chloe's group and Maya's group finally meet in this book. I practically cheered when they finally came into the story. How they ended up meeting was kind... Continue Reading →

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

When I first discovered Ace Attorney, fell in love with them. Sadly, it seems I'm not going in order from the first game in the series to the last, but I don't really care. Even though I don't know the whole story doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy the game. So, that's what I'm going to do.... Continue Reading →

Mystery unravels in The Calling

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Maya and her group in book two of the series. Maya, Daniel,Nicole, Sam, Hayley and Corey get on a helicopter after a sudden wildfire strikes their town. Only it wasn't as sudden as anyone thinks. The kids go from thinking that their saved to figuring out... Continue Reading →

New story, New mystery: The Gathering

Welcome to the next story in the Darkness Rising Series. This story takes place in Salmon Creek a while after the showdown between Chloe's group and the Edison group. As you've probably guess this was also written by Kelley Armstrong. Before, I even started reading this I was crossing my fingers hoping that Chloe and... Continue Reading →

The Reckoning

In the third and final book to this story, suspicious are aroused, misunderstandings take place and couples are revealed. That's right folks in this last book the moment we have all been waiting for has finally come. Finally, Chloe chooses who she wants as a boyfriend. I might going to reveal to all those who have... Continue Reading →

The Summoning: The Adventure Begins

This book was the first book in the Dark Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. After, reading the first book three things passed through my mind. I'm totally in love with this book. I love Kelley Armstrong for writing this story. Where were the other books to this series? Warning: This post might contain spoilers!!! If I... Continue Reading →

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