Ace Attorney: Justice for all


This time I’ll be talking about another Ace Attorney game. This one is called, “Justice for all” and it would have to be the second game in the series. Yes, I know I’m going a bit out of order with these games, but please bear with me.

The second game tells his story after his face off with the famous and scheming Von Karma, but befores game he went care free on us. This game had a lot tricks to it and it kind of made me feel like an idiot when I finally discovered how to solve everything. I’m not going to tell you how because that would be spoiling it for you.

This game started off really weird and crazy.Already you know that when a man has to ambush you with a fire extinguisher, something is about to go down. Even worse, when our main character, Phoenix Wright, wakes up with amnesia. I was thinking the whole time, ” How in the hell am I going to play this game if this man has amnesia?”.  Don’t you guys worry they find a way.

I’ve come to like Phoenix’s power a lot. How cool would that be to be able to know when someone is keeping a secret from you, how many and knowing how to drag it out of them. Probably some people out there already know how to do this without the help of spiritually charged objects.

Speaking of spiritual powers, in this game you’ll people get possessed a lot and what’s weirder is that they’ll look like the people they got possessed by. No matter what. For example, when Pearl got possessed by Mia, Phoenix’s old boss, Pearl went from looking like a little girl to a full grown woman. I mean, that was amazing! This girl was and tiny and then a second later, she grows a couple feet, her form changed into a full grown woman and even her voice changes.Everyone was completely baffled about how this was even possible. Especially, the judge when they had to take this certain power to court.

Also, when I had to face off against Franzika Von Karma, Von Karma’s heir and daughter, I knew that my butt was about to be kicked. This girl is a smart ass and a know it all. She looks for everything when it comes to a case, so she can obtain perfection. When going against her is like the difficult level in the just went from super easy to super hard. Also, if you say something wrong or just doesn’t like you she’ll whip you. She doesn’t care who it is. So, its best that you stay out her way.

Like I said before in the previous Ace Attorney game. If you like stories, profiling and problem solving then this game is for you. But, if your one of those gamers that skips all the story parts in the game and just wants to go straight to the adventure, then I suggest you don’t even give this game a second glance. Personally, I love the Ace Attorney series. I hope to play every single one some day, even if I do ebd up playing it out of order.

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