Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright?

I picked up this game mostly because I've been playing a lot of Ace Attorney games recently plus I've been really curious about what Professor Layton games are all about, even though, I've never played any of those. Basically, I was killing two birds with one stone. This Nintendo game was developed by Level 5... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Phoenix Wright Begins

Back from my brief vacation I shall now continue blogging once again. This time will start by talking about another Ace Attorney game. For those who have read my previous posts then you know that I have talked about the Ace Attorney series games in the past. Unfortunately, I am playing them out of order... Continue Reading →

Ace Attorney: Justice for all

This time I'll be talking about another Ace Attorney game. This one is called, "Justice for all" and it would have to be the second game in the series. Yes, I know I'm going a bit out of order with these games, but please bear with me. The second game tells his story after his... Continue Reading →

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

When I first discovered Ace Attorney,¬†fell in love with them. Sadly, it seems I'm not going in order from the first game in the series to the last, but I don't really care. Even though I don't know the whole story doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy the game. So, that's what I'm going to do.... Continue Reading →

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