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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright?

I picked up this game mostly because I’ve been playing a lot of Ace Attorney games recently plus I’ve been really curious about what Professor Layton games are all about, even though, I’ve never played any of those. Basically, I was killing two birds with one stone. This Nintendo game was developed by Level 5 and Capcom and the storyline behind it is really interesting. Its about two different people getting sucked into a fantasy world called Labyrinthia.

In this game, the two work together to solve the magical world’s mysteries and hidden secrets. This is where I kind of got confused because the title of the game obviously says Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, right? So, how come their working together on this instead of being bitter rivals? I have two ideas of why they chose this title. Its because during the entire game we switch out between the main characters stories during a certain parts of the game, so it kind of felt like they were competing to see which character the player liked playing the most. Also, at the end the two are finally duking it out in the last trial (sorry if I spoiled that for anyone) which is they named the game this way.

Personally, I liked playing as Phoenix Wright the most and I’ve learned through this game that I’m not much of a puzzle solver. Sure, I solved a couple of them with no help but most of them I had to use a lot of hint coins to solve them. Hint coins are just what their called; if you find a coin in the game then you can use it to help you solve a puzzle. The only problem with this is that when you activate the coins the hint is something that you already figured out which frustrated me to no end. I liked using them during trials though when I felt like I’ve done everything possible to figure out the contradiction. Also, I liked all the anime cut scenes that they put into it. Who doesn’t enjoy a good anime cut scene?

During this whole game, I though the cat named Eve was totally evil. The whole time I thought the cat was special and way too smart for its own good. In the end I was right and wrong and I’m not going to tell you how or why, your going to have to go play it for yourself to why I say so. If your a lover of puzzles or solving crazy trials, then you’ll love this game and its wacky characters. It’ll definitely challenge your brain a bit.

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The Legend of Phoenix Wright Begins

Back from my brief vacation I shall now continue blogging once again. This time will start by talking about another Ace Attorney game.

For those who have read my previous posts then you know that I have talked about the Ace Attorney series games in the past. Unfortunately, I am playing them out of order and today is no different. This one is called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and it was the first game in the series. Before, I even bought the game I was worried about how the graphics would look and if I would even like it because it was made such a long time ago. Those worries were put to rest once I started playing. The game did what the rest of the series did which was suck me right into the storyline.

In this game is where we play the soon to be famous Phoenix Wright where in this game, he is just starting out. It was so funny watching him squirm and not finding the right words to say because he was so nervous. As I was playing the game, the different questions that have stacked up in my mind when I was playing the later versions of the Ace Attorney games finally unraveled. For example, I finally know how Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright are connected to each other and how all the other characters met.

In the first one, you’ll see Edgeworth’s past come to light and watch Von Karma crack. I thought that was the most hilarious mental breakdown I have ever seen. The great and confident Von Karma finally cracks under the pressure. I had two thoughts while his breakdown and it was,” That’s so funny!” and “If only Franzika could see you now!” She would have been devastated to see her father like that and I thought would even be more sweeter the victory.

Also, for the people who already play the game I recommend playing the first game before playing the last game. If you don’t want to be totally lost in the storyline of the new Ace Attorney game called Trials and Tribulations then play the first one. A lot of what happens in the first game will be mentioned in the latest game, as well.

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Ace Attorney: Justice for all

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This time I’ll be talking about another Ace Attorney game. This one is called, “Justice for all” and it would have to be the second game in the series. Yes, I know I’m going a bit out of order with these games, but please bear with me.

The second game tells his story after his face off with the famous and scheming Von Karma, but befores game he went care free on us. This game had a lot tricks to it and it kind of made me feel like an idiot when I finally discovered how to solve everything. I’m not going to tell you how because that would be spoiling it for you.

This game started off really weird and crazy.Already you know that when a man has to ambush you with a fire extinguisher, something is about to go down. Even worse, when our main character, Phoenix Wright, wakes up with amnesia. I was thinking the whole time, ” How in the hell am I going to play this game if this man has amnesia?”.  Don’t you guys worry they find a way.

I’ve come to like Phoenix’s power a lot. How cool would that be to be able to know when someone is keeping a secret from you, how many and knowing how to drag it out of them. Probably some people out there already know how to do this without the help of spiritually charged objects.

Speaking of spiritual powers, in this game you’ll people get possessed a lot and what’s weirder is that they’ll look like the people they got possessed by. No matter what. For example, when Pearl got possessed by Mia, Phoenix’s old boss, Pearl went from looking like a little girl to a full grown woman. I mean, that was amazing! This girl was and tiny and then a second later, she grows a couple feet, her form changed into a full grown woman and even her voice changes.Everyone was completely baffled about how this was even possible. Especially, the judge when they had to take this certain power to court.

Also, when I had to face off against Franzika Von Karma, Von Karma’s heir and daughter, I knew that my butt was about to be kicked. This girl is a smart ass and a know it all. She looks for everything when it comes to a case, so she can obtain perfection. When going against her is like the difficult level in the just went from super easy to super hard. Also, if you say something wrong or just doesn’t like you she’ll whip you. She doesn’t care who it is. So, its best that you stay out her way.

Like I said before in the previous Ace Attorney game. If you like stories, profiling and problem solving then this game is for you. But, if your one of those gamers that skips all the story parts in the game and just wants to go straight to the adventure, then I suggest you don’t even give this game a second glance. Personally, I love the Ace Attorney series. I hope to play every single one some day, even if I do ebd up playing it out of order.

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Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

When I first discovered Ace Attorney, fell in love with them. Sadly, it seems I’m not going in order from the first game in the series to the last, but I don’t really care. Even though I don’t know the whole story doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy the game. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Enjoy it.

The Ace Attorney games are like books being turned into a game. You read a lot in this game, so if your not much of a reader then I would steer clear of this one. If you are, then this is a perfect game for you.  In these games, you have to figure out who killed who, who attacked who, why they did it and collect proof. Which is why they call it Ace Attorney because your character is either an attorney or a prosecutor.

This game really makes you think. Sometimes, when I got stuck and didn’t know the answer to a certain kind of question I would just click on every piece of evidence that I had until I got the right answer. Be warned, this game has a health bar, so if you get a number of answers wrong then not only do you lose but you also have to start from the beginning. It sucks I know, but if you do what I like to do which is save the game before you lose and just go back to the point where you last saved the game. You won’t have to go all the way to the beginning.

It’s not cheating. Its thinking like a smart person.

The fourth game is where your character is a rookie defense attorney, who’s trying to solve his first murder. An unsuspected twist happens in the first chapter. But, I don’t feel like spoiling it for you guys. I will say that its messed up and totally unexpected.

Their are many different games to the Ace Attorney game series.  I’ll talk about them another time. There are a lot of funny scenes in this game. One of my favorites is seeing the person that gets accused break down. Each person breaks down a different way depending on the person.

When that person finally gets caught and you’re getting close to exposing their dirty secrets. Their personality starts to change. For example, one will go from looking quiet and innocent to down right bad ass. Another will look cool and collected, but then start to shake its head so fast like a freaking crazy person. When I see that I cheer in victory because I know that I won.

I’m hoping to find and play every Ace Attorney game out there. I love the game, the mystery and the characters. I think you guys will, too.

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