The Simpson Game

Recently I just bought the Simpson game. The game wasn’t and was what I was expecting it to be at the same time.

This game was more like a puzzle/arcade game. Each charcter in the game had its own unique power and power up item. For example, Homer’s power up item was obviously donuts. Sometimes, you get to use two different characters so you can get to your goal quicker. Also, after each level theirs an episode that you can enjoy.

If you decide to take a short break from taking on different levels it let’s you play around with Homer at his house. You can feed him until he chokes or has a heart attack. Or feed him food that he’ll never want to eat in his lifetime, which I find very funny to watch.

What I was expecting from this game was I think I adventure game. Where I would be doing strange tasks and recking havoc all around Springfield.Now this game may not have been my usual cup of tea, but I do believe it will make other future gamer lovers happy. That love The Simpsons and arcade/puzzle games.

This game may not have satisfied my gaming hunger, but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entertaining to play or that I don’t love watching The Simpsons. I still enjoy watching The Simpsons and I always will.

Thanks for Reading!

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