Welcome to Usotsuki Lily

Welcome anime lovers to the world if cross dressing.

Why this manga caught my attention was the story. Its centered mostly around a single couple, Hinata and En. Now these two are a bit famous because their such a weird couple in their school. Why? Well, because when Hinata finally got a boyfriend, she didn’t expect him to be a cross dresser.

This boy cross dresses everyday into a beautiful girl. He’s got boys and girls admiring him and asking him out all the time. Even though, they know that he’s really a guy.

Now nobody knows the reason why he cross dresses, except for his new girlfriend, Hinata. According, to him the reason behind it is because he hates men to such a degree that if he ever looks at his own reflection, he’ll smash it to pieces. He can’t even look into his girlfriend’s eyes for a second without headbubutting her. I thought that was hilarious.

This manga seems to be one of those manga, where the characters know that their inside a story. I think its totally hilarous when they yell at the maker of the story to stop doing this and that.

I keep hoping that a love rival will come into the mix and try to steal Hinata away. For some reason, I think that if they did he would be just has weird as En. As the story went on, they tried to tease us with that possibilty with trying to make us think that En’s best friend might be interested in her. But, sadly for us that was not the case.

If this story had a message it would be ‘If you really love that person, then you will be able to accept all their faults’. In which, Hinata has done without realizing it.

I’m not going to spoil anything for you. But, if you like reading romantic manga with cute guys and girls doing funny things in each chapter and don’t mind a bit of cross dressing. Then, I suggest that you give this manga a try. Be warned that this story is yet to be completed, so if you find yourself in love with the story your proabab;y going to have to wait a while for the next chapter.

Thanks for Reading!

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