Corpse Party Covered

Recently, I got hooked on to the horror story called "Corpse Party". I got to say that its pretty good. It starts out normal like all horror stories are with a group of kids telling scary stories in their home room class. Shinozaki is quite the talented story-teller, she even went the extra mile to scare her... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail

This popular show is centered around a group of wizards that take jobs posted at their guild. Their guild is called Fairy Tail and according to the story, theirs is really famous and for good reason. The wizards that work at Fairy Tail are said to be so powerful and crazy that everyone says that... Continue Reading →

Kingdom of Hearts: Roxas’s story

The game Kingdom of Hearts 358 days is a game that tells Roxas's side of the story. I became curious about what happened to Roxas during the time he was with the organization and why he did what he did. If you played the other kingdom of hearts games then you know what I'm talking about.... Continue Reading →

The Rising

I was so happy as I was reading the third and final book 'The Rising'. The reason why would have to be because my wish was finally granted. Chloe's group and Maya's group finally meet in this book. I practically cheered when they finally came into the story. How they ended up meeting was kind... Continue Reading →

The Reckoning

In the third and final book to this story, suspicious are aroused, misunderstandings take place and couples are revealed. That's right folks in this last book the moment we have all been waiting for has finally come. Finally, Chloe chooses who she wants as a boyfriend. I might going to reveal to all those who have... Continue Reading →

The Awakening: Secrets Revealed

Things start to heat up in The Awakening. If you've read my last post then you already know that this book is the second book to the Dark Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. Anyway, in this book it becomes an adventure in which the four supernatural teens are searching desperately for Simon and Derek's missing father.Orginally,... Continue Reading →

Tenchi Muyo

I have to say that this anime is hilarious as hell. It's about a boy who ends up releasing a demon named Ryoko out of a cave that is near his family's shrine. When you hear something like that your probably thinking this one of those feudal era type animes where theirs demons, spirits and a whole lot of killing... Continue Reading →

Black Lagoon: Season 2

The second season of Black Lagoon wasn't a filler that rewinded to the beginning and just put more into the story like most animes do. This one continues from where it left off in the last episode. The only differences between the two seasons is that the second season's crazy level was cranked up a notch... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Crew of Black Lagoon

The only thing that I have to say about this show is that the storyline is just as crazy as its characters. It starts out with a normal everyday person named Rokuro Okajima who later changes his name to Rock. He's one of those businessmen that slave away all day hoping to make it to the top someday. But,... Continue Reading →

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