Generator Rex

Watching "Generator Rex" brought a lot of old fond memories back. This show surrounds a teenage boy named Rex who has the power to grow and control machines to defeat EVOs. EVOs are humans that get turned into evil looking monsters because of an incident that happened 5 years ago. Five years ago, a group... Continue Reading →

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

This animation movie is about a young girl named Yobi. Well, no one knows how old she really is because she's actually a fox that possesses magical powers. What she likes doing the most is turning herself into a ten year old girl. For some reason, an alien race of furry aliens crash land on... Continue Reading →

Tenchi Muyo

I have to say that this anime is hilarious as hell. It's about a boy who ends up releasing a demon named Ryoko out of a cave that is near his family's shrine. When you hear something like that your probably thinking this one of those feudal era type animes where theirs demons, spirits and a whole lot of killing... Continue Reading →

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei

This story revolves around two twins named Tatsuya and Miyuki. They both attend the same elite magical school and because they are twins you would think they would end up in the same class right. Wrong. In this school there are blooms and there are weeds. Blooms are the students that the academy think have a future at all.... Continue Reading →

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