Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei


This story revolves around two twins named Tatsuya and Miyuki. They both attend the same elite magical school and because they are twins you would think they would end up in the same class right. Wrong. In this school there are blooms and there are weeds. Blooms are the students that the academy think have a future at all. They get provided with all the love and affection that the school can offer in hopes that when they graduate that they will use their talents and new skills in the military to help protect their country.

On the other hand, weeds are the students that the school doesn’t think have that much talent and won’t get far in life as a magician. Of course, the school board isn’t going to tell you that though and just flat out reject them. Instead, they let them attend the school and put them on a rank lower than the students with promise. The reason they let these kids in the school at all is because if a student from the blooms dies, gets into an accident or drops out for any reason they can pull a random student from the lower rank classes and turn it into a bloom. Which is why I think they call them weeds.

What’s even more messed up about this is that students classified as weeds don’t get the some kind of education and affection that the bloom students get. Blooms would get one on one training and coaching, counseling, the best teachers and opportunities available. The weeds would get lucky to even see a teacher walk by and talk to them. They are taught by computers and programs already set up. They don’t get any kind of coaching and teacher instruction. Also, the blooms treat them like crap and even go as far as ask them why are they even in this school. Personally, I don’t know why either. Why would go to a school that designed to separate and alienate its students? Maybe it’s because its one of the best magical schools around? Or that they hope that one day they will become a bloom before they graduate? I really don’t know the reason. But,with a school like this expect a lot of conflict and awesome magical fights.

The reason why I even mentioned the weeds and the blooms was because our beloved twins are in different ranks. The smart and beautiful Miyuki was made into a bloom while her twin brother, Tatsuya, was made a weed. At first I thought that it was the ‘just because their alike on the outside doesn’t mean that their alike on the inside’ situation with the twins. But, later you find out that he got even a higher score than her in the paper tests and that he could seriously kick some ass. So, why was a he made a weed? Later, you will discover why, but like I always say I’m not going to be a spoiler for you. What I want you to do is get interested and read it for yourself. Unfortunately, though this story is yet to be completed, so if you don’t mind waiting for the next chapter then I suggest would get to reading.

What I liked most about this manga is the mystery and love surrounding these twins. These two are so lovey dovey that if you didn’t know that they were twins you would think that they were lovers. But, I think this manga is going to have a major twist like they aren’t really brother and sister or something like that. Even if they don’t I think Tatsuya is going to remain single for the rest of his life or have to fake his death to get into any kind of serious relationship. Everytime he even gets close to a girl and Miyuki sees or hears about she gets so mad that her emotions would trigger her ice powers. So, she would end up freezing anybody close to her. By the look on Tatsuya’s face, whenever, she is angry it’s mostly him who suffers her wrath.

Their background also interests me. It appears they have so much going on in their past that it makes me want to beg for a flashback in the next chapter. When they describe how differently their father treats them and how he mentions that he was experimented on makes want to no more about his history. Also, I know that most twins are close and all, but their relationship reminds me of a princess and a knight in love. Especially, when he says that he does everything for her sake. I wonder what will happen next to these two.

Thanks for Reading!

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