Pokemon Y: The Game

So, I've been hearing some good things about the new game Pokemon x and y. So, I decided to buy Pokemon Y and see if it's as good as everyone tells me. It is. This would have to be the best Pokemon game they have ever made so far. The graphics are awesome and plus... Continue Reading →

Mario & Luigi: The Dream Team

The reason behind me buying this game was because I love playing Mario and Luigi games and that this one kind of looked different from the other ones. I was right! Some of its useful traits that you see in most Mario games remained, but some were also different. For example, they kind of turn... Continue Reading →

Luigi’s Mansion

The first thing that made me go after this game, Luigi's Mansion, was the basic storyline and the fact that Luigi would be on his own for this time. It kind of funny.Luigi finally gets his own game and is now in the spotlight, instead, of his brother, but gets thrown into a haunted mansion.... Continue Reading →

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