Pokemon Y: The Game

So, I've been hearing some good things about the new game Pokemon x and y. So, I decided to buy Pokemon Y and see if it's as good as everyone tells me. It is. This would have to be the best Pokemon game they have ever made so far. The graphics are awesome and plus... Continue Reading →

Tenchi Muyo

I have to say that this anime is hilarious as hell. It's about a boy who ends up releasing a demon named Ryoko out of a cave that is near his family's shrine. When you hear something like that your probably thinking this one of those feudal era type animes where theirs demons, spirits and a whole lot of killing... Continue Reading →

Shokugeki no Soma

This would have to be the first manga I have ever read that was so into cooking or food. I learned so much about cooking and different types of dishes more than any cook book that I have ever read. The story isn't even done yet, but I know there are more events and delicious... Continue Reading →

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