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Gone Again?

Yes, it is true my faithful followers. I shall once again be out-of-town for a while…..a long while. I will try my best to post a few more times before my life becomes to chaotic and busy to continue.

Do not worry, though. This doesn’t mean I’m never going to blog again and eventually shut the site. I will eventually get back to posting stuff back onto this site. I just wanted to let you all know this.

If any of you are wondering when I’ll start blogging then I have to tell you that I’m really sure. But, you all should see me again around the January or February time. Until my return please enjoy my previous posts to your heart’s content.

Thanks for Reading!



Hello again to my faithful and future readers!

I’m sorry that I’ve haven’t posted anything up yet. Life has we all know has been keeping me busy lately. So, instead of me leaving you all hanging wondering when is my next post going to show this week; I’ve decided to take a little vacation from blogging. Don’t worry! I shall return soon. You all should see my posts popping back up into the virtual world by July 7th.

Until then………….

Thanks for Reading!

Mystery unravels in The Calling

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Maya and her group in book two of the series. Maya, Daniel,Nicole, Sam, Hayley and Corey get on a helicopter after a sudden wildfire strikes their town. Only it wasn’t as sudden as anyone thinks.

The kids go from thinking that their saved to figuring out that they are actually being kidnapped by a supernatural organization.  When they figured that out, they accidentally knock out their pilot and had Sam operating the controls. It’s a good that she had some flight experience they would have been screwed. Well, except that poor Rafe ends up flying out the helicopter door and Sam ends up crashing the helicopter.

So, now they have to survive the wild until they can get back to civilization and find out what is going on. For her and Daniel, that’s not a problem, but their stuck with several others that have been their enemies for years or haven’t been in the woods like she and Daniel were. So, they made it a little tough for them. Also, another thing I found really weird and surprising is that either there is some kind water monster trying to drown unsuspecting swimmers or theirs a killer among them. I think I might know who it is, especially, after that said person starts to flip the script on her personality like a five-star actress.

When I saw that at first I was thinking its stress, people are dying around us and we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. But, later I start getting suspicious and think that all that might not be the case. What if this sudden disaster was just peeling away the ugly that was always their, but never bothered to look at until now.

Anyway, again you all know that my only wish is to see the Chloe’s group re-appear in this story. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen either in this book. Hopefully, third time is the charm in the third and final book ‘The Rising’.

Thanks for Reading!

New story, New mystery: The Gathering

Welcome to the next story in the Darkness Rising Series. This story takes place in Salmon Creek a while after the showdown between Chloe’s group and the Edison group. As you’ve probably guess this was also written by Kelley Armstrong. Before, I even started reading this I was crossing my fingers hoping that Chloe and the people in this story to cross paths. unfortunately, to my disappointment that didn’t happen…….this time. You never know they could come up in the next one.

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road.

This one is mostly revolved our Maya, who is a sixteen adopted Indian girl who lives in Salmon Creek. Salmon Creek is a very, very small town and Kelley made that absolutely clear in this book. She used to live there happily with her two best friends Serena and Daniel. When I mean used to live with, I mean the Serena girl died right in the first chapter of the story. It was kind of messed up of how things started and Maya got really suspicious about how she died. She has a right to be considering the fact that she drowned and she was the captain of the swim team.

Since, after that chapter I had thought up several different ways she could have died. Later, in the story I find out that I was right around the mark, but I won’t talk about that until later. Your just going to have to wait until next week’s post to know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, a year goes by and weird things start to happen to her. She can hear far away, heal animals and has become a star athlete,especially, when it comes to track. Even though, she isn’t on the team. I just couldn’t put my finger on what she was. I was going crazy thinking about it.

Things get stranger and more mysterious when our handsome and mysterious bad boy, Rafe, come into the mix. Now when it came to the romance in this story, I was torn between Daniel and Rafe. Rafe was that bad boy who liked playing the mystery card, but could tell he had a soft and protective side to him. Daniel, on the other hand, has been her best friend since they were kids and has always been with her through good and bad times. You can tell he really cares about her, but I couldn’t tell if this was a protective version of his friendship towards her or that he liked her more than a friend. Again I think that will be revealed later in the story.

This just keeps your head buzzing. It just makes you want to read more and more and make you cry when their aren’t any pages left. I highly recommend this series to all book lovers. I hope you enjoy the story as I have!

Thanks for Reading!


The Reckoning

In the third and final book to this story, suspicious are aroused, misunderstandings take place and couples are revealed. That’s right folks in this last book the moment we have all been waiting for has finally come. Finally, Chloe chooses who she wants as a boyfriend. I might going to reveal to all those who have yet to read it, but let’s just say Kelley made it as dramatic as she could. There was so much frustration and mixed feelings going on between her in the boys that at first, she didn’t know what she wanted. Glad that it worked out though.

Speaking of working things out, it looks like Tori and her become best friends. Guessing after what they had to go through together and Chloe being the only person most likely in the entire world who even cared what happens to her during their entire adventure. Their relationship was hot and cold at first, but after the older necromancer, Margaret, pushes Chloe so hard that she almost made her own zombie apocalypse. They become close friends.

The ending was perfect and I still wanted to see more. unfortunately, for us like all stories they must end. If you want to see the side stories like they do have bonus books that tell about Tori and Simon’s adventure together or when werewolves come to find Derek, so they can let him become part of the Pack. I’m very excited to read those, too.

One last thing, remember what I said in the beginning that this is the end of their story? What I meant was the Dark Powers series has yet to end. There is another story of another supernatural that I have yet to read and will talk about in the near future. The next story in the series is called “The Gathering” and I can only hope that this story is as exciting as the other.

Thanks for Reading!

The Awakening: Secrets Revealed

Things start to heat up in The Awakening. If you’ve read my last post then you already know that this book is the second book to the Dark Powers series by Kelley Armstrong.

Anyway, in this book it becomes an adventure in which the four supernatural teens are searching desperately for Simon and Derek’s missing father.Orginally, the four run aways were supposed to be Chloe, Simon and Rae. But, as the saying goes shit happens and now its Chloe, Simon, Tori and Derek on the run from the Edison Group. The Edison Group is a group of magical doctors whose goal was to help other supernaturals with their problems and help co-exist with society. What seems helpful to them turns to become deadly for our main heroes.

In the second book it looks like Chloe’s patience and caring nature are tested when she becomes forced to travel with Tori and Derek. I think if Simon wasn’t there then I think she would have bolted long ago and went her own way and I wouldn’t blame her. Eventually, we see a little bit of a romantic twist in this story when it starts to hint that Simon AND Derek might have a thing for our cute necromancer. Of course, everyone probably thinks that she’ll end up with Simon, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Warning: Spoiler approaching!

When our main characters have no choice end up splitting for reasons I will not reveal. You start seeing Derek going a little bit soft on her and really start to bond. I found his protectiveness touching when it came to protecting her. I was kind of hoping that they might become an item before they reunite with the others, but no such luck. Now that I have seen the protective and softer side of him I’m starting to hope that they will get together. Sorry, Simon!

After, reading the book I wondered about what Simon and Derek’s adventure was like during the sepeartion. According, to Tori it wasn’t pleasant, which only made my curisoity grow even more. Turns out that you can read about their adventure from a book called “Darkest Powers Bonus Pack”. I very much look forward to reading that one.

I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the third book. I bet she’ll try to make this one as cool and amazing as possible before it reaches its end.

Thanks for Reading!


The Summoning: The Adventure Begins

This book was the first book in the Dark Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. After, reading the first book three things passed through my mind.

  1. I’m totally in love with this book.
  2. I love Kelley Armstrong for writing this story.
  3. Where were the other books to this series?

Warning: This post might contain spoilers!!!

If I had to guess where this book caught my attention would have to be when she had a fierce run in with the melting janitor. Now when someone starts seeing their school’s janitor who looks like he just had a run in with the sun and can go through walls, of course, you’re going to get freaked out. But, when you’re the only one who can see this melting custodian then it’s a different story. By different story I mean that everyone will think your crazy and send you to a loony bin. That my friends, is what happens to poor little Chloe.

I’m not going to reveal what happens in the story, but I will tell you that a lot happens inside of the loony bin aka Lyle House. Also, that Chloe ends up taking a lot of crap from everyone in this story. I really felt for the girl, but at the same time I just wanted to shake her right out of her little shell. She barely stood up for herself and most of the time, she would either stay quiet or go along with the other person said. Take Derek and Tori for example.

Tori is a spoiled, rotten, moody bitch who thinks she can do and say, whatever, she wants without consequence. Derek is a anti-social jerk, who has the body of a full-grown man.Also, he barely speaks, but when he does all that comes out is mean or sarcastic comments. Anyway, you could say that those two were her main tormentors. As you read though you can tell that theirs more that meets the eye with not just those two, but with everyone at Lyle House.

The Summoning is the start of a beautiful story and I can’t wait to read the other ones. This makes you want to keep turning the pages while begging for more. Kelley Armstrong has just made me a fan and I can’t wait to read more of her work after I’m done reading this series.

Thanks for Reading!

Manga or Comics: What’s the difference?

Now I have heard this question like a billion times. I’ve also been in situations where I could be reading a manga somewhere and I can hear someone nearby saying that she’s reading a comic book. But, I’m not its manga! Now to the untrained eye they may look similar, especially, if you’re not a fan of manga or comic books. But, there is a great difference between them and for me I think I can sum it all up in three major differences.

1. Manga’s origin comes from the Japanese. Americans made comics.

2. When reading a comic book it will always be in color, while reading manga you’ll rarely see it. The cover and first couple of pages might be in color, but don’t get your hopes up. Also, when you read a comic its left to right like your reading a book. For mangas its right to left.

3. Now what I think is the most important difference between the two is the drawn line on how far they will go. For comics they’ll go a certain extent of how much their going to show in it. Like for most comics, they won’t show too much. They will either censor it or not put it in at all, but imply that it did happen. Mangas, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite. They will show you everything that goes in the story as much as possible. You want to watch someone’s body get torn to shreds? You got it. You want to watch two people have sex? No problem. Do you want to agonizingly read someone get raped page after page? They’ll show that, too. The point is that mangas will go way, way further than a comic would and that’s what people like about it.

I guess I ended up telling you four differences than just three, but that’s okay. Also, I would like to let you know that I was not trying to say that manga is better than comics or vise versa. No that’s not the point I was trying to make I just wanted to explain the obvious differences between the two. Some people like mangas and some like comics, its not a bad thing. Both give joy and entertainment to its readers and that’s what its about. I hope you’ll enjoy both or one or the other to the fullest.

Thanks for Reading!

Reality turned fantasy

Hello, everyone!

I created this blog, so that I may help spread my love of not just anime. But, other things that I have come to love over the years. Like manga, music, cartoons, art, video games, etc.