Hazbin Hotel’s Newest Announcement!

Hope your excited to know that the latest update from the indie creator, Viziepop and her team. Since the pilot’s release of Hazbin Hotel, we’ve been anxiously waiting for three long years in anticipation for any new updates to the show. Other than the fact that the show first started on Youtube got picked up by a tv show company and that they were currently working on pumping out Helluva Boss episodes in the meantime; we knew next to nothing about Hazbin Hotel’s fate.

Some even thought that the show was completely dropped because of several issues that Viziepop was dealing with not only with Hazbin Hotel but with Helluva Boss, as well.. That is until on October 28th when she dropped a bomb on all of us with a sudden trailer of Hazbin Hotel claiming that it was to have an official release in the summer of 2023. This is has all her fans super excited to finally see the continuation of the story. For those who don’t know, its a story about the princess of hell wanting to make a hotel to rehabilitate the demons in hell with the chance that they can move on to heaven. She has very good intentions but….this is hell and everyone is down there for a reason.

In the pilot, you get a sneak peek of all the crazy characters that Charlie and Vaggie will be dealing with on a daily basis. But, that pretty much sums up the story thus far before the show went off the radar. If you would like to watch the trailer then click on the video below and I’m crossing my fingers in hopes for no further delays for what could be a great show.

Thanks for Reading!

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