At Dead of Night

Happy Halloween!

Since its the last day of the spooky season, let’s dive into a spooky horror game today. The Dead of Night is a indie horror game that was developed by Baggy Cat Limited and was released on November 19, 2020. Even though, it was released two years ago; this game still sends shivers down the spines of gamers everywhere.

Its about a teenager named Maya, who books a hotel with her friends for an upcoming music festival. But, its not long after checking in that Maya realizes that her friends and herself are in grave danger when she witnesses the hotel’s owner, Jimmy, harming one of friends. One her way to escape the hotel she discovers a ghost box which let’s her communicate with the ghosts haunting the hotel who urge her to find out what Jimmy did in the past and escape the hotel to report him to the authorities.


In the game, Maya is running around the entire hotel, talking to ghosts, finding clues and unlocking secrets while avoiding Jimmy at all costs. Avoiding him is vital because if he manages to catch you then its an automatic game over and you have to start over from your last checkpoint and he steals all the keys you’ve collected so far in the game; so it’ll be back to square one. The entire story behind the game was very good except for one thing….Maya’s supernatural abilities.

The developers fail to explain how a supposedly ordinary girl suddenly has supernatural abilities. Talking to them was explained through the spirit box but not the having visions through the scrying mirror which she seemed to know she needed to have the visions or the sudden supernatural cut scenes to see the ghost’s past. When it came to this story detail the game developers or writers seemed to have fumbled the ball with this and left it all up with good ol’ game logic.

If you would like to hear a good example of what could have been done to solve this issue or would like to dive deeper into the story and characters then click on the video at the bottom of this page and leave a like if you enjoyed it.


Other than that little hiccup, the game was absolutely a joy to play if you don’t mind the constant stress and suspense the game provides. Sometimes, it seemed as if their were Easter eggs hidden in the game sometimes or multiple endings and sadly their are not so don’t bother trying to replay it to see if their are any unless your playing it again for the memories. If you like horror or strategy games with an interesting storyline then this the game for you. With all horror games, please be prepared for jump scares and this one would be a nice introduction to first time horror game players. With that said enjoy the scares and have super spooky Halloween this year.

Thanks for Reading!

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