Diabolik Lovers

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Two things seemed to catch my attention before I watched this show. The handsome guys and the darkly themed opening song. The opening practically tells the whole story without revealing the whole story. If that makes any sense.

I felt like I was watching one of those old vampire movies. Only its been modernized and turned into an anime with not one, but six handsome vampires. You know how they used to do vampire movies with the overly dramatic and pretty blonde girl, who says she’s trapped with the monster. That ain’t true with this story, she had many ways of getting out of her situation, but she kept making excuses and said that she wanted to stay so she can “find out the truth”. I thought that was bullshit, we all know she wanted to stay with these men and I don’t blame her.

We all know that, whenever, vampires are involved theirs always a romantic element added in. In this one, you don’t really feel it until it gets to the end. Unless, you find each oy fighting over her for her blood romantic. If I said I had a favorite among them I would have to go with Ayato the cocky red-head vampire that calls himself “Yours Truly”. Since, the beginning of the story I kept wondering why he kept calling himself that and you’ll learn that later in the story. I will give you a hint though.

His mother is a bitch.

Speaking of mothers, all these boys are brothers. They just have different moms. You wouldn’t be able to guess that unless they told you because they all look so different. The only similar thing about them was all of them being vampires and that they all shared the same dad, who from the sound of it is a totally bastard.

Back to the boys, my least favorite would have to be Kanato. That boy is extremely creepy and not in a good or funny way either. Like you better call the cops if he so much as looks at you because you might end up missing later. I feared for Yui’s life when he was around her, but I think she likes to be abused because she keeps coming back.

I don’t know what to make of the ending of this show. What was the awakening exactly? Did she turn into a vampire herself at the end? None of these questions were answered and I was a little mad about it. I would like for them to show what happened after that or give us and episode of how her life is now with the boys.


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